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EIFS Architecture: Everything You Should Know

EIFS Architecture: Everything You Should Know

...EIFS significantly boosts the structure’s energy efficiency and sustainability. StoTherm ci Lotusan® Sto’s best continuous insulation wall system (EIFS), the StoTherm ci Lotusan® offers a high-performance, energy-efficient wall cladding that...
Considerations For The Best Stucco Drainage Mat Solution

Considerations for the Best Stucco Drainage Mat Solution

...engineered and tested system, delivering component compatibility and code compliance. Our aesthetically beautiful system protects buildings from the elements, saves energy, and removes moisture. In addition, our sustainable products offer...
Minimize Construction Risks With Prefab

Minimize Construction Risks with Prefab

...well-designed, aesthetically pleasing building will help attract customers, clients, and visitors. Prefabrication offers architects and designers several significant aesthetic advantages: Aesthetic flexibility from a modern, energy-efficient, and lightweight coating system...
Aesthetic Versatility With Glass Facade Buildings

Aesthetic Versatility with Glass Facade Buildings

...Thermal insulation for improved building energy efficiency Excellent Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) Conductive Education Centre, Munich, Germany RPM Architects designed the Conductive Education Centre with stunning, colorful glass facades that...
The Best ICF Exterior Finishing Solution

The Best ICF Exterior Finishing Solution

...on exterior above-grade ICF wall construction Barrier wall construction drainage Energy efficiency with the continuous exterior insulation of the ICF Air and moisture protection with ICF Barrier wall construction with...
The Difference Between Rainscreens Vs. Curtain Walls

The Difference Between Rainscreens vs. Curtain Walls

...more energy efficiency and less need for maintenance. Curtain Walls Non-structural curtain walls offer an aesthetically pleasing facade for a building’s wall system. Builders and architects often use curtain walls...
The Use Of Prefab Construction In Hospitality

The Use of Prefab Construction in Hospitality

...and energy-efficient complete building envelope systems with a wide variety of aesthetic facade choices Why Use Prefab Construction in Hospitality? Prefab construction for new and renovation projects adds many short...
How To Understand And Apply Adaptive Reuse In Architecture

How to Understand and Apply Adaptive Reuse in Architecture

...maintain a community’s cultural heritage, by protecting them from decay and demolition. Sustainable adaptive reuse protects the environment by: Lowering energy demand and carbon emissions Reducing urbanization (urban sprawl). Urban...
Achieving Moisture Control In Buildings

Achieving Moisture Control in Buildings

...planes of control needed to protect the building and create energy-efficient, durable, safe, and sustainable buildings while still providing an aesthetic appeal: vapor, air, water, thermal, and water-shedding control layers....
Understanding Brick Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Understanding Brick Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Durable brick rainscreen & brick cladding systems help create energy-efficient, sustainable, comfortable, and healthy indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for residential, commercial, and institutional wall construction (interior and exterior). Simple-to-install, StoVentec®...
Understanding Modular Facade Panels

Understanding Modular Facade Panels

...The building team chose prefabricated, energy-efficient, lightweight, and durable Sto Panel Technology® prefabricated wall panels. Jersey Panel engineered, fabricated, shipped, and installed 121,000 ft2 of modular facade panels in the...
Glass Cladding Solutions For Commercial Buildings

Glass Cladding Solutions for Commercial Buildings

...cladding provides the following: Thermal insulation for improved building energy efficiency. Weather resistance Support structure Durability Improved safety with wind, fire, and blast resistance Excellent Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) Palma...
Why Hire A Building Envelope Consultant?

Why Hire A Building Envelope Consultant?

...obtains bids, oversees the repairs, and provides construction management services. A poorly designed or maintained building envelope can quickly lead to water and air leaks, increased energy use, diminished occupant...
What Is A Rainscreen System?

What is a Rainscreen System?

StoVentec® Rainscreen systems help create comfortable, energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthy indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for residential, commercial, and institutional wall construction (exterior and interior). They offer a complete, fully-tested, and...
Are Ventilated Rainscreen Systems Effective?

Are Ventilated Rainscreen Systems Effective?

Ventilated rainscreens, like StoVentec® Rainscreen®, help custom builders and architects build high-performance structures, especially in colder climates. StoVentec® ventilated rainscreen claddings create comfortable, sustainable, energy-efficient, and healthy indoor environmental quality...
6 Advantages Of Engineered Masonry Veneer Systems

6 Advantages of Engineered Masonry Veneer Systems

...broad range of architectural surfaces. These benefits help ensure a durable, aesthetically-beautiful building enclosure system that contributes toward sustainable, energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy IEQ residential, commercial, and institutional wall construction....
NFTs In Architecture: The Future Or Passing Fad?

NFTs in architecture: The future or passing fad?

...known as mining, which involves complex puzzles, awesome computing power and a huge load of energy. That’s because Ethereum, the platform of choice for NFTs, uses a method called proof...
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