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Unique Aesthetics That Can Be Achieved with Stucco Coatings

Traditional hard coat stucco systems come in a variety of textures and colors, offering builders and architects the design flexibility to create eye-catching aesthetic finishes. In addition, durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance hard coat stucco systems save money over time on repairs.

Architects and builders can apply a broad variety of coatings to synthetic stucco (also called Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)) to create unique aesthetics for a building’s or a home’s cladding. Applying a synthetic stucco coating in multiple layers over the exterior sheathing will create sustainable, fire-resistant, low-maintenance, versatile, and attractive cladding. In 2009, the International Building Code recognized synthetic stucco as a cladding product that incorporates the application of a water-resistant coating or finish surface.

Unique Sto Stucco Coatings

Sto Textured Finishes provide architects, builders, and building owners complete design freedom with an extensive selection of stucco coatings in numerous color and texture options, to expand your design and harmonize with the surrounding buildings and environment. In addition, we manufacture durable Sto finishes to the highest quality standards to withstand dirt and water, in order to protect your home or building while also providing outstanding curb appeal.

Fisher Nuts Campus

Elgin, Illinois USA

Sto Products: StoPowerwall® ci with StoPowerflex Finish and StoColor Acryl Plus Coating
General Contractor: MARK 1 Restoration
Applicator: Skyline Plastering
Architect: BTC
Distributor: L & W Supply (Formerly NExGen Building Supply)

Fisher Nuts chose StoPowerwall® ci cladding for the remodel of the exterior of their office building, to improve the structure’s sustainability, and ensure that it would match the aesthetics of the campus. In addition, the owners wanted improved energy efficiency and the look of a traditional stucco system, similar to the (failed) original cladding.

The StoPowerwall® ci stucco system provides heat, air, and moisture management in addition to exceptional protective and aesthetic features. StoPowerwall® ci combines StoGuard® air and moisture barrier, Dow Styrofoam™ XPS insulation, Sto DrainScreen, StoPowerwall stucco, and Sto coatings textured finishes and coatings. In addition, architects chose Sto Powerflex® Finish and StoColor® Acryl Plus for the Fisher Nut campus. The finished product produced a high-impact resistant cladding system with continuous insulation coupled with a drainage assembly.

Sto Powerflex® Finish

Sto Powerflex® provides designers with a ready-mixed, elastomeric textured wall coating as a protective, decorative vertical, and above-grade wall finish for stucco substrates and other exterior applications. You can choose from any of Sto’s traditional finish textures.

Sto Powerflex® Freeform

Sto Powerflex® Swirl

Sto Powerflex® Medium

Sto Powerflex® Fine

StoColor® Acryl Plus

The Acrylic-based StoColor® Acryl Plus high-performance coating protects against weather, environmental pollutants, and salts. You can use it to protect vertical or horizontal stucco, along with concrete, EIFS, masonry, or previously acrylic-coated surfaces. It comes in 800 standard colors or custom color matches in a satin sheen that can provide endless, unique aesthetics.

Iconic TowerHouse Condominium 

Miami Beach, Florida

Sto Products: StoPowerwall® Stucco, Sto Watertight Coat with Sto Mesh, Sto Wall Leveler & Patch, Sto Crack Defense (Sto RFP with Sto Mesh), StoColor® Lotusan®, StoPrime®
Applicator: Coast to Coast General Contractors
General Contractor: Coast to Coast General Contractors
Engineer: AGC Engineers
Owner‘s Representative: Lenny Loscalzo

The long overdue restoration of the TowerHouse Condominiums incorporated a multifaceted system to replace the existing, water-damaged stucco, correct major structural issues, and alleviate waterproofing problems. In addition, they needed to correct severe structural and waterproofing deficiencies at the intersection of the concrete slab and concrete masonry block exterior walls.

The building team determined that various Sto Products would provide the best course of action in order to create a watertight barrier and restore the TowerHouse facade.: Sto Watertight Coat with Sto Mesh, Sto Wall Leveler & Patch, StoPowerwall® Stucco, Sto RFP with embedded Sto Mesh (Sto Crack Defense), and StoColor® Lotusan® coating.

StoColor® Lotusan®

High-performing StoColor® Lotusan® provides a decorative and protective wall coating with Lotus-Effect ® technology. You can use it to protect prepared vertical stucco, above-grade concrete, concrete masonry, EIFS, and previously painted wall surfaces. In addition, the Lotus-Effect® technology mimics the self-cleaning capabilities of the lotus leaf, and keeps facades clean longer than conventional coatings and paints. 

After creating a waterproof base coat, applying the StoPowerwall® Stucco, and embedding with the Sto Crack Defense, they applied StoPrime®, followed by StoColor® Lotusan® Coating in white with gray accents, which has returned the once iconic building to its former glory.

Net Zero-Energy Home 

Fairfax, Virginia

Sto Products: StoTherm® ci Lotusan® Stolit® Lotusan® 1.0
Applicator: Robert A Aird, Inc.
General Contractor: O’Neill Development
Architect: Peabody Architects

StoTherm® ci Lotusan® ‘s decorative and protective exterior wall cladding created a Net Zero-Energy Home that combines superior air and weather tightness with outstanding durability and thermal performance. The synthetic stucco system incorporates continuous exterior insulation and an air/moisture barrier with Sto’s high-performance finishes in a fully-tested wall cladding assembly. Architects chose Stolit® Lotusan®, a textured finish with self-cleaning properties.

Applicator, Robert A Aird, Inc. saved time by using a hard-troweled approach with the Stolit® Lotusan® 1.0 to achieve the clean, crisp, industrial look for the home’s exterior that was the aesthetic vision shared by the homeowners and the architect, David Peabody.

Sto Products Offer Endless, Unique Aesthetics for Stucco Coatings

Sto products give architects and building owners unmatched freedom for stucco coatings, allowing them to achieve unique aesthetics in any color, form, texture, or material. In addition, Sto provides a comprehensive solution to minimizing maintenance, repair, and improved energy efficiency, safeguarding the long-term value of your investment.

Click here for more information on Sto’s Stucco coatings or call (800) 221-2397.

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