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NEW Sto Wall Selector Tool: Find the Sto Wall Systems Best Suited for Your Project. Let’s Get Started!

Aesthetic+Product Selector

Sto offers the widest variety of aesthetic possibilities on the most complete collection of building envelopes in the world. Our Aesthetic+Product Selector tool makes it easy to understand the various ways Sto allows you to achieve a desired aesthetic. Selections can be based on the desired aesthetic, the material type or process, or the pattern or texture you want on your project. The results will show options to achieve that look. Choose your preferred option for full detail on achieving the aesthetic. You will also be able to see the list of Sto wall systems that can incorporate your selected options. 

  1. Begin with the desired aesthetic.  
  2. Select an option to achieving that look.  
  3. Select the Sto wall system for your project. 

Façade Aesthetics

Select the aesthetic for your project.

Material Type/Process

Describes the type of material or process used to achieve an aesthetic.

Patterns & Textures

Select a desired pattern or texture for your aesthetic.

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What’s the best Sto Wall System for your project? Find it with our NEW Sto Wall Selector Tool.