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NEW Color Offering: Explore the Range of StoCast Wood’s StoColor Wood Stain Specialty Finishes

Architectural Coatings

Advanced architectural coatings with unique characteristics that improve building performance

Sto’s high performance architectural coatings make your building look beautiful while providing superior protection against the elements.Sto’s architectural coating solutions include products that offer fade resistance, protection against mold and mildew, crack bridging and even self-cleaning properties, All Sto coatings are vapor permeable and low VOC. They can be used in horizontal or vertical applications, come in an assortment of textures and sheen, and can be tinted in an endless array of colors.

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Sto iQ Technology

Coatings inspired by nature that provide superior functionality and durability, and are designed to keep the façade clean, dry and bright with less maintenance.

Specialty Aesthetic

Coatings that offer the ability to create unique aesthetics to enhance the design of your building.


Coatings that preserve the value of buildings by serving as a breathable, durable, attractive layer of protection.


Coatings that bridge hairline cracks and increase weather resistance.


A variety of primers designed to improve finish coat coverage and promote uniform substrate absorption.


Topcoat sealers that protect and enhance color and fade resistance of Sto coatings and finishes.
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