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Minimize Construction Risks with Prefab

Minimizing construction risks with prefab construction can help builders stay on time and budget by limiting workday losses and job site injuries that are associated more often with more dangerous building methods, like wood-frame construction.

Quick and simple-to-install Sto Panel® Technology Prefabricated Wall Panels improve construction risk management by:

  • Reducing workers’ occupational risk of injury
  • Reducing financial risk by streamlining the installation and design process
  • Expediting the construction process, and avoiding contractual risks due to not completing the job on time

Labor Shortages Impact Job Site Safety

In 2022, many contractors have reported intense difficulties in finding skilled workers, which has driven them to hire less cautious young or inexperienced employees, who are less likely to follow safety protocols – a critical problem for risk management.

OSHA reports that workers 25 years old and younger sustain injuries two times more than experienced workers. Furthermore, during workers’ first year on the job, 34.9 percent experience injuries.

To ensure a successful building project, contractors must eliminate their employees’ risk of injury as much as possible. Training and mandating job site safety measures and implementing safer building methods, like prefab construction, will protect your employees and keep your project within budget and on time.

Minimizing Construction Risks with Prefab

Prefab construction minimizes construction risks and saves money by simplifying the building process since it requires less labor and quickens the timeline. Prefab provides many other benefits: aesthetic flexibility, sustainability, and superior indoor environmental quality.

Quick and Simple Prefab Construction Minimizes Risks

Prefabrication provides a solution to faster construction timelines, with less labor – to limit construction risks:

  • They are built in a controlled environment to eliminate weather-related issues that could affect construction schedules.
  • Manufacturing in quality-controlled factories allows for inspection and testing of the building envelope before installation.
  • Finished prefab panels take days or several weeks to install, not months, like conventional construction methods.
  • Prefabrication allows contractors to complete the vertical expansion of a tall building quickly.
  • Contractors save money with prefab panels because the lightweight panels reduce labor, require less specialized trades, allow for fewer structural needs, and minimize scaffolding use.
  • Prefab construction can be installed safely with a small crew using one central tower crane for extremely tight project sites with limited laydown space for scaffolding.
  • Prefab wall panels typically provide a single-source warranty.

Aesthetic Versatility of Prefabricated Wall Panels

A well-designed, aesthetically pleasing building will help attract customers, clients, and visitors. Prefabrication offers architects and designers several significant aesthetic advantages:

  • Aesthetic flexibility from a modern, energy-efficient, and lightweight coating system compared to classic brick, stone, and metal
  • Design flexibility allows architects to match the aesthetics of the surrounding structures

Prefabrication Contributes to Sustainable Construction

  • Aims to lessen energy and water consumption, limit carbon emissions, and create long-lasting buildings – saving time and money repairing or rebuilding
  • Durable, and energy-efficient for a sustainable structure
  • Can quickly retrofit an existing building with prefab wall panels as an economical, aesthetic, and energy-saving alternative to new construction
  • Minimizes building waste and debris to save money on materials

Prefabricated Panels Enhance Indoor Environmental Quality

StoPanel prefab panels help promote superior indoor environmental quality by preventing condensation within the wall assembly which can result in the growth of unhealthy mold.

Reduce Construction Risks with StoPanel® Technology

Builders can minimize construction risks by using StoPanel® Technology prefabricated wall panels. Lightweight, energy-efficient, durable, cost-effective StoPanel® requires only a fraction of the labor for an installation compared to traditional field-built construction methods. In addition, the air and water-tight panels come in an extensive selection of finishes or cladding to fit the aesthetic needs of any building.

The Bradley
Ft. Wayne, Indiana USA

System Type: Aesthetics, Prefabricated Wall Panels
Systems & Products: StoPanel® Classic ci, StoSignature™ Stone
Construction Type: New
Building Type: Hospitality

Like all the StoPanel® Technology Systems prefabricated exterior wall panels, energy-efficient, lightweight, and durable StoPanel® Classic NExT ci has continuous insulation, a StoGuard® air and water-resistive barrier, and the patented Sto Wedge for drainage. It also has a wide range of aesthetic options.

In addition, it thermally insulates the wall building’s exterior with continuous insulation that complies with current codes and standards (ASHRAE 90.1-2019 and IRC, IBC, and IECC – 2018 and 2021).

Building with StoPanel® Classic NExT ci prefabricated panels provides several significant advantages:

  • Boosts job site safety
  • Helps to stay on budget
  • Reduces change orders
  • ݈Lessens delivery time and labor needs
  • Enhances quality control and assurance
  • Minimizes construction waste

Hilton Home 2 Suites
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

System Type: Prefabricated Wall Panels
Systems & Products: StoPanel® Classic ci
Construction Type: New
Building Type: Hospitality

Why You Should Choose StoPanel® Prefabricated Wall Panels to Minimize Construction Risk

Quick and simple to install StoPanel® Technology prefabricated wall panels help builders stay on time and budget while also minimizing job site risk and meeting safety and code requirements.

Sustainable StoPanel® prefabricated wall panels create long-lasting, complete building envelope systems that save money on energy and maintenance.

StoPanel® prefabricated wall panels come in a wide range of aesthetic choices to fit any building’s appearance.

Contact our helpful Sto professionals today for more on minimizing construction risks with StoPanel® Technology prefabricated wall panels.

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