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Considerations for the Best Stucco Drainage Mat Solution

Builders can avoid the problems of traditional stucco walls by using StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems. Our easy-to-apply high-quality wall system combines several components (including a stucco drainage mat) into one fully engineered and tested system, delivering component compatibility and code compliance. Our aesthetically beautiful system protects buildings from the elements, saves energy, and removes moisture. In addition, our sustainable products offer design flexibility with an extensive range of colors and textures.

Drainage Problems with Traditional Stucco Walls

Traditional stucco walls require a drainage mat to drain and dry water that infiltrates the wall system. Improperly installed or cracked stucco will allow moisture to penetrate a wall system, which can lead to extensive mold and rot in the supporting layers behind the stucco surface.

Stucco Drainage Mat

What is a Stucco Drainage Mat?

A stucco drainage mat creates a continuous, predictable air gap between the wall’s bottom layer or plaster coating (scratch coat) and the weather-resistant barrier. This improves a stucco wall’s ability to drain and dry. Any veneer that is directly attached to a wall (stucco, wood or cement sidings, faux rock) requires a drainage plain.

Benefits of a Stucco Drainage Mat

Benefits of a Stucco Drainage Mat

Drainage mats provide a pathway for the water to drain behind the veneer, which provides several significant benefits to the wall system:

  • The air gap improves the WRB’s performance by eliminating condensation, which can lead to corrosion and structurally damaging and unhealthy mold. 
  • The mat helps the wall system dry quickly.
  • The mat provides a buffer for expansion and contraction helping to limit cracking in the stucco.
  • Drainage mats may extend the lifespan and aesthetic integrity of stucco.
  • As the sun beats down on stucco, the drainage mats create a thermal break to stop the transfer of the sun’s heat to the wall system.

How to Choose a Stucco Drainage Mat

Criteria for choosing a manufactured drainage mat include drainage efficiency, compressive strength, and ease of installation. Most come in the form of roll stock, for simple installation. However, when deciding on the right one for your project, consider a manufacturer that offers tested, engineered wall systems for your stucco project like the StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems.

Our representative can show you why StoPowerwall® DrainScreen Stucco Systems are the ideal stucco system with a drainage mat solution that provides durability, protection, energy efficiency, in a vast selection of moisture-resistant coatings and finishes. 

StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems integrate advanced components, including StoGuard® and Sto’s high performance aesthetics, to provide maximum long-term protection and sustainability, outperforming traditional stucco.

The StoPowerwall® Stucco System

StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems, for residential or commercial and new or existing structures are durable and energy-efficient, and are available in a vast selection of moisture-resistant coatings and finishes. StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems integrate advanced components, including StoGuard® and Sto performative aesthetics in a wide variety of colors and textures, to provide maximum long-term protection and sustainability and outperform traditional stucco.

StoGuard® Fluid-Applied Air and Moisture Barrier System

StoGuard® Fluid-Applied Air and Moisture Barrier System

Modern, and more complex building codes demand increased protection against moisture damage and unwanted air movement. Builders today need systems that quickly and easily install while providing excellent performance over the building’s lifetime.

StoGuard®’s fluid-applied air and moisture barrier system offers the ideal system for all types of construction. Fast and straightforward to apply, StoGuard® forms a fully-adhered seamless monolithic moisture and air barrier on the exterior wall to protect against moisture and air infiltration.

Sto High-Performance Stucco Finishes

Sto High-Performance Stucco Finishes

Sto High-Performance stucco finishes allow for design flexibility with a wide selection of textures and colors to enhance your design and fit the surrounding environment. In addition, durable, dirt- and water-resistant Sto finishes will protect your building and provide long-lasting curb appeal.

StoPowerwall® Stucco System Features

StoPowerwall® Stucco systems integrate additional moisture protection via Sto DrainScreen drainage mat,  and options including Crack Defense for increased protection of cracking, and continuous rigid XPS insulation for energy efficiency.

StoPowerwall® DrainScreen

StoPowerwall® DrainScreen promotes excellent drainage and drying of the wall assembly for superior air and moisture control. StoPowerwall® DrainScreen provides both an air and moisture barrier as well as a drainage mat that creates an air gap, to allow water that penetrates to drain.

StoQuik Silver® – DrainScreen

StoQuik® Silver DrainScreen™ takes advantage of the strength and ease of installation with a cement board substrate and  includes the StoGuard air and moisture barrier, Sto DrainScreen drainage mat technology, StoGuard reinforced base coat, and Sto textured finish, resulting in superior energy efficiency, water drainage, and impact resistance.

StoQuik® Silver Systems

StoQuik® Silver Systems combine the protection of Sto with the cement board’s high impact resistance. In addition, simple to install StoQuik® Silver DrainScreen™ reduces downtime and allows for earlier occupancy.

StoPowerwall® for Concrete Masonry

The StoPowerwall® for Concrete Masonry stucco system applies directly to concrete masonry unit wall construction. Featuring StoGuard® ExtraSeal, the StoPowerwall® stucco system provides excellent air and moisture protection.

This complete stucco system includes StoGuard air and moisture barrier, a drainage mat, and a high-performance textured finish.

StoPowerwall® Crack Defense

The StoPowerwall stucco wall assembly is offered with an optional Crack Defense layer to help prevent cracking. Sto Crack Defense consists of Sto mesh embedded in Sto polymer reinforced basecoat. This fortification layer is ideal to prevent surface cracking in the finish of new construction, and to repair and refinish existing stucco buildings.

StoPowerwall® ci

StoPowerwall ci is an energy-efficient stucco wall system with continuous air and moisture barrier and continuous insulation. In addition, it provides the impact- and puncture-resistance of traditional stucco with an advanced cavity wall design to remove moisture. As a result, StoPowerwall ci reduces maintenance, lessens heating and cooling costs, and protects against damaging and unhealthy mold.

Why Choose StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems?

StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems provide superior and aesthetically attractive finished results, and consistently outperform traditional stucco when adequately integrated into wall construction with code-compliant building paper, wood, lath, metal frame, or CMU backup. 

Simple and fast to install StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems combine multiple components into one system, to lessen time and labor while protecting against weather and cracking, eliminate moisture within the wall system, and save energy. In addition, our products offer design flexibility with an extensive range of colors and textures.

Contact Sto Corp professionals today for more on stucco drainage mats and how StoPowerwall® Stucco Systems can help you save money and time while providing more protection, durability, and sustainability than traditional stucco.

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