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Understanding Brick Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Durable brick rainscreen & brick cladding systems help create energy-efficient, sustainable, comfortable, and healthy indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for residential, commercial, and institutional wall construction (interior and exterior).

Simple-to-install, StoVentec® drained and back ventilated, fully engineered Rainscreen® brick cladding wall systems combine continuous insulation (CI), Sto Ventro™ sub-construction, a continuous air and moisture barrier, and high-strength masonry veneer adhesive. They are all essential building envelope components in all climates, from the hot and humid tropics, to the frigid Canadian Rockies.

Lightweight and energy-efficient, StoVentec® for masonry veneer facades provides a superior air and weather barrier with excellent thermal performance, that lowers the cost of heating and air-conditioning and limits condensation that can lead to damaging and unhealthy mold.

What Are Brick Cladding Systems & Rainscreens?

Brick rainscreen cladding systems provide architects and builders with a flexible design for creating beautiful facades. In addition, the cladding systems offer a superior air and water-resistive barrier, excellent thermal performance, and wind, fire, and impact protection. These features contribute to its long-term integrity and the comfort, air quality, and safety of the home or building occupants.

What Are Brick Cladding Systems & Rainscreens?

In addition, builders will save time and money during construction by choosing a simple and quick-to-install brick rainscreen cladding system over traditional building methods.

StoVentec® for Masonry Veneer Facades

Lightweight and energy-efficient StoVentec® for Masonry Veneer Facades provides a drained and back-ventilated fully engineered Rainscreen® wall system for masonry veneer facades that features a thin brick facade. The complete Rainscreen® system includes five main components:

1. Air and water-resistive barrier
2. Adjustable sub-construction
3. Non-combustible thermal insulation
4. A lightweight composite carrier board made from recycled glass granulate
5. Reinforcement layer for added durability
6. Adhesive mortar
7. Thin brick masonry veneer
8. Masonry veneer grout

Builders and architects that aim to design an energy-efficient, air and moisture-resistant building with a beautiful and unique facade can use StoVentec® for Masonry Veneer Facades for exterior and interior residential, commercial, and institutional wall construction.

StoVentec® for Masonry Veneer Facades Provides Design Flexibility

A long-lasting StoVentec® Rainscreen® system with a thin brick masonry veneer offers building envelope designers extensive flexibility of form and function when integrated with Sto’s other engineered wall systems. StoVentec® Rainscreen® systems provide an endless creative range of aesthetic options – including truly custom-made open joint glass rainscreen panels and limitless combinations of shapes, colors, textures, and colors. Our innovative complete cladding system allows designers to achieve distinctive building facades coupled with Sto’s highly-engineered performance characteristics.

Components of the StoVentec® for Masonry Veneer Facades

Sto’s advanced high-performance wall assembly for masonry veneer facades incorporates noncombustible mineral wool continuous exterior insulation, StoGuard air and water-resistive barrier, StoVentro™ sub-construction, StoVentec lightweight composite carrier board, and high-strength StoColl KM masonry veneer adhesive. When combined with code compliant thin brick masonry veneer and masonry grout, the result is a high performance fire, wind, impact, and puncture-resistant cladding.

It’s important to know that Sto Corp. covers all Sto components with a single-source warranty.

1. Air and Moisture Barrier: Sto AirSeal®

Air and Moisture Barrier: Sto AirSeal®

Fluid-applied Sto AirSeal® vapor permeable air and moisture barrier is made to be applied behind StoVentec® RainScreen®, StoTherm® ci, StoPowerwall®, StoQuik® Silver, and other wall claddings like masonry, stone, stucco, and fiber cement.

2. Sub-construction: StoVentro™ Bracket, StoVentro™ T-Profile, and StoVentro™ L-Profile

Quick to install and adjustable, StoVentro™ Sub-construction absorbs the wind and dead loads of the facade. It also includes corrosion-resistance and helps to lessen thermal bridging.

3. Thermal Insulation: Owens Corning Thermafiber® RainBarrier 45®

4. Carrier Board: StoVentec® Carrier Board A+

Lightweight StoVentec® Carrier Board A+ composite board, made of recycled glass granulate and double-sided glass fiber mesh reinforcement, can be used as part of the StoVentec® Render Rainscreen® and StoVentec® for masonry veneer facade systems.

Carrier Board: StoVentec® Carrier Board A+

5. Primer: StoPrime®

Builders use StoPrime® for priming prepared concrete, plaster, masonry, StoTherm® base coat, or drywall surfaces before applying Sto Finishes and Coatings and as a block-filling concrete masonry primer.

6. Base Coat: Sto Primer/Adhesive

Acrylic-based Sto Primer/Adhesive provides an adhesive and base coat in the StoVentec Rainscreen System.

7. Reinforcement: Sto Mesh 6oz

Specially designed Sto Reinforcing Mesh utilizes coated glass fiber fabrics to provide reinforcement and impact resistance.

8. Masonry Veneer Adhesive: StoColl

StoColl KM is a high-performance, polymer-modified, portland cement thin-set adhesive with superior freeze-thaw resistance and high bond strength, that produces an advanced engineered wall cladding system.

Sto Corps.’ shear bond strength tests all customer-submitted thin brick masonry veneers to ensure system compatibility and required performance with StoColl KM.

9. Masonry Veneer Grout: ANSI 118.7 compliant portland cement-based grout (by others)

10. Masonry Veneer: thin brick in conformance with ASTM C1088 (by others)

Why Choose StoVentec® for Masonry Veneer Facades?

Easy and fast to install, StoVentec® for Masonry Veneer Facades provides an engineered wall system designed to support code compliant thin brick veneer surfaces. It incorporates noncombustible exterior CI and continuous air and moisture barrier with Sto Ventro™ Sub-construction and Sto’s high strength masonry veneer adhesive to produce an advanced high-performance wall system.

StoVentec® for Masonry Veneer Facades help create sustainable, energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy IEQ residential, commercial, and institutional wall construction (interior and exterior).

Don’t hesitate to Download the StoVentec® for masonry veneer facades Design Guide today for more specifics on high quality brick rainscreen cladding.

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