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The A.R.T. of reStore™

Aesthetics. Repair. Transformation.

A complete approach to restoration.
Traditionally, building restoration has been little more than a long punchlist. Sto®, a longtime leader in innovative solutions for the restoration of building facades, now offers the most comprehensive, most holistic solution on the market: The A.R.T. of reStore™, offering a source for materials and services to address all your maintenance and restoration requirements.

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A.R.T. of ReStore Brochure
Sto Restore

Aesthetics | At Sto®, there’s an art to it.

For us, the process begins with the visuals and ideas that inspire you. You pick the aesthetic — the character, color and form for your building — and we’ll provide the products that realize your design vision. We can turn your creative inspiration into a beautiful, sustainable, fully engineered cladding system.

The promise? Total design freedom in color, texture, finish and materials. The key to unlocking your restoration project’s full potential is the idea that anything is possible.

Sto Studio can help navigate through all of that design freedom. Sto Studio is a unique service geared to assist in your architectural design process and ensure the built environment attains maximum potential. Our design assistance professionals collaborate to create a complete facade concept, including color and material options for your building, giving you valuable insight into your finished restoration project.

Sto Aesthetics
Sto Studio

Repair | Don’t Ignore it. Restore it.

Whatever condition your building exterior is in, reStore has a solution to help you regain the value of your investment and meet new environmental regulations. The four levels of reStore cover everything from simple maintenance to remove dirt and mildew to a complete facade restoration with all the products and support you need.

With Sto‘s Comprehensive Repair Guide, 30 of the most common problems affecting EIFS, stucco, concrete and masonry are addressed with step-by-step illustrated solutions.

Request a digital copy of Sto‘s Repair Guide, the only one of its kind in the industry.

The Comprehensive Repair Guide

Level 3 Overclad Restoration Project | Dover Air Force Base Medical Center | Dover, Delaware

The Four Levels of reStore

Clean & Recoat


A basic program to remove dirt, mold and mildew, while refreshing or updating the color of the façade.

Our Coatings

Repair & Finish


A program to repair minor damage to EIFS or stucco facades with a Sto finish applied to beautify and protect the building.

Our Concrete Repair Products
StoSeal STPE Sealant
Sto Fortification Layers



A cost-efficient program to correct moisture intrusion problems and improve energy-efficiency of the property.

Our Systems

Remove & Reclad


For extensive renovations, it often is most efficient remove all existing cladding and replace with a new cladding.

Our Systems

Transformation | Transform the Performance of your Building. Adaptability is the Key to Resiliency.

“The Greenest Building Is… One That Is Already Built” – Carl Elefante

Several studies have shown that existing buildings account for up to 75% of a major city’s greenhouse gas emissions. As major cities employ climate protection strategies, deep energy retrofits of existing buildings are at the very top of their priority lists. Organizations like LEED, Retrofit New York, and Passive House all agree that a fully engineered façade system with continuous insulation and an airtight envelope is the only way for existing buildings to meet the strict energy efficiency standards that have already begun to roll out.

A deep energy retrofit transforms the environmental and economic performance of a building:

  • reduced total carbon footprint (embodied and operating)
  • lower utility costs
  • increased rental premiums and property value
  • improved occupant comfort and productivity
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