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NEW Color Offering: Explore the Range of StoCast Wood’s StoColor Wood Stain Specialty Finishes

Lightweight Facade Options

Traditional Facade options such as stucco, brick, fiber cement, and stucco have been used for exterior insulation and finishing for years. Although they present diverse design capabilities, the weight of these materials either takes a toll on the building structures or is limited by easy wear and tear.

While stucco facades as a whole weigh on average 142 pounds per square foot, one layer of a brick facade weighs about 509 pounds. As a lighter alternative to stucco and brick, fiber cement facade weighs 2.5 pounds per square feet. However, the problem is that it remains more delicate and, therefore, less durable and can only be used in specific locations.

This leads to the necessity of a profound lightweight facade option—one weighing 8–10 pounds per square foot on average—that provides style, durability, and function  simultaneously.

Modern Lightweight Facade Options with Sto Corp.

Sto Corp’s lightweight facade options can help architects and builders meet their projects’ aesthetic and performance challenges for commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional building projects. The design, details, and engineering of StoTherm® ci exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) facades create a high-performing, eye-catching system that saves energy and stays attractive for years. StoTherm® ci improves indoor comfort and air quality while maintaining maximum curb appeal and lowering overall life-cycle costs.

Lightweight StoTherm® EIFS cladding systems combine continuous insulation, StoGuard® air and water-resistant barrier, and drainage to protect against moisture infiltration and enhance energy efficiency. Architects and builders can achieve various aesthetic goals for new and retrofit construction using Sto finishes, including StoCast resin-cast shapes, StoSignature®, and Sto Specialty Aesthetic Finishes.

StoTherm® ci EIFS Creates a Net Zero Energy Home 

David Peabody of Peabody Architects chose StoTherm® ci EIFS for its lower installation costs than high-pressure laminate panels and traditional mineral wool batts to meet the Passive House design principles. They also utilized Stolit® Lotusan®, a super hydrophobic textured finish with self-cleaning properties, to create a clean, crisp, appearance to achieve the homeowner’s and architect’s aesthetic vision.

Click here to download this case study today for free.

Complete Aesthetic Freedom with Sto Finishes

Sto finishes offer architects a wide variety of textures, shapes and color options to enhance the building’s design and blend in with the surrounding environment for new and retro projects. Sto manufactures its finishes to the highest standards to create durable finishes that resist dirt and water, protect the building, and enhance its curb appeal and value while achieving the desired aesthetic, including wood, brick, stone, stucco, and concrete.

StoCast – Custom Cast Resin Shapes

Lightweight, flexible, prefabricated StoCast resin cast shapes mimic natural textures, such as bricks and wood, while integrating enhanced performance qualities. Builders and architects can use SoCast products on various Sto-engineered wall cladding systems.

Benefits of StoCast Resin Shapes


StoCast offers lightweight, thinner cladding options than traditional claddings, to significantly lessen energy used in manufacturing and transportation and reduce structural waste and load. StoCast also lacks silica which makes it safe to handle. 

Quick to Apply

Fast and easy-to-apply prefabricated StoCast shapes do not require specialized training. In addition, StoCast shapes do not require fasteners, which speeds up the application process in the field or offsite construction.

Low-Maintenance and Durable

The durable, UV-resistant coatings and finishes used to make StoCast products do not warp, chip, or effloresce (like their traditional counterparts), which minimizes maintenance and recoating needs.

Perfect for Multi-Cladding Aesthetic Designs

StoCast products combined with traditional Sto finishes and used with Sto’s engineered wall systems can achieve various looks without complex transitions, to help ensure the continuity and compatibility of all the building envelope’s control layers.

StoCast Brick

For over 40 years, lightweight StoCast Brick has created beautiful natural brick designs. 

Benefits and features of StoCast Brick include:

  • Sustainability: StocCast Brick uses significantly less energy for manufacturing and transportation than traditional brick. In addition, StoCast Brick lacks silica and dust which makes it safe to handle.
  • Aesthetics: StoCast Brick offers 30 standard colors plus project-specific colors, patterns, and textures, along with numerous flexible shapes to achieve unique designs 
  • Easy-to-Install: StoCast Brick comes in preformed shapes that are adhered to substrate and can be easily cut using shears.
  • Low-Maintenance: StoCast Brick and its adhesive are cement free which will reduce the risk of efflorescence.
  • Lightweight: Lower structural requirements and reduce transportation and shipping costs versus traditional brick.

StoCast Brick for Mixed-Use Building

Reduce Weather Delays for Your Building Envelope Construction Projects 1

Architect: Nick Swerdfeger Architects
General Contractor: Wilkinson Construction Services Inc.
Wall Panel Engineer: SkyRise Prefab Building Solutions

Panel Type: StoPanel® Classic NExT ci, StoCast Brick and StoSignature® Stone

The design intent for the 109 King Street project was to match the look and feel of the heritage brick facades on nearby historical buildings. Large windows with very little panel surface area created unusual design challenges. The use of StoCast Brick accommodated the large windows that offered no room to support a heavy wall of traditional brick without compromising the desired aesthetic.

StoCast Wood

Lightweight, flexible StoCast Wood delivers a natural wood appearance with resin-cast wood grain planks. Builders and architects can install StoCast Wood over Sto engineered building enclosure systems, concrete, stucco, concrete masonry walls, ceilings, and soffits.

Benefits and Features of StoCast Wood include:

  • Aesthetics: StoCast Wood offers architects design flexibility with 45 different wood grains, non-repeating patterns, and flexible planks to achieve unique designs. In addition, the planks can be stained with StoColor® Wood Stain, available in 25 standard colors in glossy or matte finish, or may be coated with any of Sto’s high performance architectural coatings.
  • East to Apply: Builders can easily cut with shears and attach preformed planks to the substrate with adhesive without fasteners.
  • Sustainable: StoCast Wood uses significantly less energy for manufacturing and transportation than natural or engineered wood. 
  • Low-Maintenance: Durable, reinforced StoCast Wood acrylic planks won’t chip, fade, or warp.

StoCast Wood for The B-Line Condominium Development 

General Contractor: Skyrise Prefab Building Solutions
Architect: John Romanov | Romanov and Romanov Architects
Applicator: Skyrise Prefab Building Solutions

The B-Line condominium development project had several challenges to overcome in order to meet the demands of the client:

  • The need to accommodate a complicated design with multiple finishes
  • The client/developer desired a continuous insulation solution 
  • A tight, constricted job site

The StoPanel® Classic NExT ci panel system with Sto’s nearly endless aesthetic selections provided a complete solution to these challenges. The use of a StoPanel Classic NExT ci system with StoCast Wood and StoCast Brick created the desired aesthetics easily on one continuous system without the need to concerns of challenging transitions.


StoSignature® makes it easy to create unique aesthetics with an endless blend of customized and high-quality color, texture, and profile finishes applicable to any Sto tested and trusted engineered wall system. 

  • StoSignature® Impression Finishes subtly evoke the impression of other materials, like stone, brick, wood, and concrete. 
  • StoSignature® Texture utilizes various aggregate sizes to create stippled or rilled textures: linear, fine, or rough. 
  • StoSignature® Color offers architects an elaborate color system for complete design freedom. There are subtly tinted or bold colors, transparent or stain, for an endless variety of combinations of tone and texture accents that highlight the unique surface structure of the facade.

Learn more about StoSignature at

StoSignature® Stone and Lightweight EIFS 

Location: New York, New York USA
Building Type: Hospitality
System Type: Aesthetics, EIFS
Systems & Products: EIFS, Stolit Lotusan, StoSignature Stone, StoTherm ci
Construction Type: New
Construction Method: Field-Built
Case Study: Click Here

The slender 32-story tower, designed by Nobutaka Ashihara Architect P.C. and developed by Lexin Capital, is a striking sight. Its abundance of smoky glass windows alternates with vertical strips that have the look and feel of traditional limestone. The stone at the building’s base is comprised of two-inch manufactured limestone panels, while the cladding on the upper stories of the 300-foot building consists of StoTherm® ci Lotusan® with StoSignature® Stone to achieve the limestone aesthetic. “Using the StoSignature Stone application technique with Stolit Lotusan finish gave us the ability to mimic other cladding types,” said Anjo Duffy, project manager with ECI Contracting in Mount Vernon, New York. “StoTherm ci Lotusan with the StoSignature Stone aesthetic proved easier and lighter to work with, and there was no on-site engineering required.

Specialty Aesthetic Finishes

Sto Specialty Aesthetic Finishes offer endless design possibilities with cost savings and long-term performance. These lightweight finishes by Sto reduce structural requirements and require fewer specialty trades, further reducing costs of construction.

Trowel-applied, lightweight StoCreativ® Granite looks like polished or cut granite. Builders can use acrylic-based, durable, low-maintenance StoCreativ® Granite for interior and exterior wall finish for renovation and new construction.

StoCreativ® Lux combines the depth and texture of natural stone with reflective material’s luster at a fraction of the cost of real metal or stone. Architects can choose from six looks to create durable and intricate architectural shapes. Builders can use lightweight and trowel-applied StoCreativ® Lux for exterior and interior applications.

Sto Decocoat is known for its incredible durability and low maintenance. Coming in 32 different colors, the advanced wall coating is engineered to perform exceptionally well in areas of high-traffic. Sto Decocoat is easy to clean and easy to patch.

Available in 15 different colors, StoColor® Metallic can be applied over smooth or textured surfaces, creating a custom metallic appearance at a fraction of the cost of metal panels.

Although Stolit® Milano is very fine, sandable and is an extremely workable finish for interior or exterior wall surfaces. Having the ability to yield more coverage than other products on the market, Stolit® Milano can be used for a variety of decorative textures, ranging from fine grit to ultra smooth metallic.

Often used over existing EIFS, stucco, or Sto finish, StoTique is a stain used to achieve mottled and variegated effect. Not to mention, it can be used for interior or exterior coating, labeling it as a versatile coating both in both decorative design and function.

As an acrylic-based interior and exterior wall finish, Sto GraniTex™ is durable and requires little maintenance, making it an excellent choice for construction and renovation projects. It is also available in a range of color combinations to help create the aesthetic qualities of natural stone. Architects and builders can apply this as a finish  coating for Sto cladding systems.

Case Study: 309 East Paces Ferry Rd

Location: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Building Type: Mixed Use
System Type: Aesthetics, Prefabricated Wall Panels
Systems & Products: StoCreativ Granite, StoPanel Classic NExT ci, StoSignature Brick
Construction Type: Renovation
Construction Method: Prefabrication
Case Study: Click Here

Originally having an outdated appearance and building structure, the 309 East Paces required modifications to help it withstand the test of time—both physically and aesthetically. Because brick and granite were part of the design choices made for the building’s upgrade, StoSignature®  Brick and StoCreativ Granite finishes were used to help the designers and architects complete a modern exterior appearance in record time—one that could endure decades more of exterior intolerances.

Sto Lightweight Facade Options For Your Building’s Exterior

Sto Corp’s lightweight, durable, energy-efficient facade options will help you meet your project’s aesthetic and performance challenges. StoTherm ci creates a high-performing, eye-catching system that saves energy and stays attractive for years. StoTherm® ci improves indoor comfort and air quality while maintaining maximum curb appeal and lowering overall life-cycle costs. Sto finishes, including StoCast, StoSignature®, and Sto Specialty Aesthetic Finishes, will help you achieve all your aesthetic goals!

Contact the team of Sto professionals today at (800) 221-2397 for more on Sto’s lightweight facade options.

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