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NEW Color Offering: Explore the Range of StoCast Wood’s StoColor Wood Stain Specialty Finishes

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...have hourly fire ratings. Click here to access more information on NFPA 285 testing of Sto wall systems. EIFS is a lightweight, energy efficient wall cladding system with continuous insulation....


...lightweight and durable than their traditional counterparts, minimizing time and energy in transportation and installation and allowing for greater conservation of natural material resources. Benefits StoCast Brick StoCast Wood Benefits...
6 Advantages Of Engineered Masonry Veneer Systems

6 Advantages of Engineered Masonry Veneer Systems

...broad range of architectural surfaces. These benefits help ensure a durable, aesthetically-beautiful building enclosure system that contributes toward sustainable, energy-efficient, comfortable, and healthy IEQ residential, commercial, and institutional wall construction....


...Panel Technology offers a wide range of high-end aesthetic choices, a variety of code compliant energy saving wall systems, unique solutions to project constructability challenges, and a process that expedites...
Exploring Non-Combustible Construction: What You Need To Know

Exploring Non-Combustible Construction: What You Need to Know

...roofs made of combustible material Mineral Wool Insulation for Non-Combustible Construction Mineral wool continuous insulation contributes to non-combustible construction and meets stringent code requirements for energy-efficient building design. Initially, manufacturers...
6 Useful Online Tools For Building Professionals

6 Useful Online Tools for Building Professionals

Throughout its 40+ year history, Sto Corp.’s energy-efficient and easy-to-apply building envelope solutions have provided building professionals with the widest range of aesthetic possibilities on the most complete collection of...
NFTs In Architecture: The Future Or Passing Fad?

NFTs in architecture: The future or passing fad?

...known as mining, which involves complex puzzles, awesome computing power and a huge load of energy. That’s because Ethereum, the platform of choice for NFTs, uses a method called proof...
STPE Sealants: What You Need To Know

STPE Sealants: What You Need to Know

...per hour at 50Pa of pressure – a significant measure of a building’s energy efficiency. 1. The top plate to attic drywall achieves a potential ACH50 reduction: up to 1.6...
Precast Concrete Wall Panels And A Better Alternative

Precast Concrete Wall Panels and a Better Alternative

...reducing daily temperature swings and saving energy. Disadvantages of Precast Concrete Wall Panels Problems associated with heavy precast concrete panels include handling issues, moisture problems, insufficient thermal performance and fire...

Sustainability Solutions

...the experience of building comfort—all with the goal of helping to build a better world. Our innovative wall systems are engineered to reduce carbon emissions through long-term durability, energy-efficiency, and...

Creativity Begins. Sto Finishes.

...every design challenge? What breathes creative life and energy into every project you touch? Is it sleek sophistication? The wonders of nature? Elegant simplicity? Geometric perfection? The classics? No matter...

MVES Systems

...and air and moisture barrier Fire resistant wall design Lightweight Fully tested, building code compliant StoTherm® ci MVES Lightweight, energy efficient system with continuous insulation compare View System & Documents...
Fluid/Liquid-Applied Air & Moisture Barriers

Fluid/Liquid-Applied Air & Moisture Barriers

...bonds to the exterior sheathing without fasteners. A high-performing fluid-applied vapor barrier contributes to energy-efficient, durable, and healthy residential, commercial, and institutional environments. The Benefits of Fluid-Applied Air Barriers Fluid-applied...
Fully Integrated Prefabricated Façade Panels W/ Window Compatibility

Fully Integrated Prefabricated Façade Panels w/ Window Compatibility

Fully integrated prefabricated facade panels with factory-installed windows can create air-tight building envelopes that contribute significantly to sustainable, energy-efficient, durable, and safe buildings. Furthermore, StoPanel® Technology branded, tested, and warranted...
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