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One Manufacturer is Better Than Two

The idea behind the building envelope is simple: keep what’s inside in and what’s outside out. Sounds easy enough. The challenge is getting all the layered components required to create that barrier to work as a cohesive unit. Another challenge is that there are times when it seems different systems may work better for different parts of a building. But is the use of multiple systems from multiple manufacturers better? The short answer is no.

Where possible, having one comprehensive system from a single manufacturer surrounding the entire structure eliminates the risk of gaps and, as a result, exposure to the elements. Any perceived benefits from the multi-system approach aren’t worth the risk of potential wind and water damage. But what about all those components that need to work together? Sto has you covered.

The Components of the Building Envelope

Building envelope systems form the primary thermal barrier between the interior and exterior environments and include all the components of a building’s outer shell. A high-performing building envelope design should prevent air leaks and moisture intrusion through an exterior wall by applying continuous air and water-resistive barriers to manage water infiltration and accumulation. The building envelope includes all of the following:

  • Above-grade exterior walls: structural and nonstructural
  • Below-grade walls
  • Fenestration: windows, doors, and metal/glass curtain walls
  • Roofs
  • Atria

The Benefits of a High-Quality Building Envelope

Successful application of a building envelope provides many benefits to a building:

  • Moisture Control: Stops moisture infiltration by preventing condensation in the wall system to resist structurally damaging mildew and mold.
  • Energy Efficiency: Prevents air infiltration through the wall, reducing energy use and costs
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ): Creates comfortable, mold-free buildings, enhancing overall indoor air quality.
  • Durability: Manages moisture and air infiltration in a building’s wall system to lower the risk of corrosion and decay and significantly reduce costly maintenance and repairs.
  • Safety: Controls airborne pollutants, solar radiation, and the spread of smoke and fire.

Engineering the Best Building Envelope Technology

Sto is a leader in engineering innovative building solutions. The StoGuard® family of air and water-resistive barriers creates a seamless protection system that meets modern construction demands and stands up to extreme weather events. The integrated design provides unmatched moisture and air leakage protection for durable, energy-efficient, above-grade exterior walls. Plus, the products are created to work together. The superior adhesion between the membrane, detail components, and substrate creates a unified system that enhances performance and decreases the risk of failure. This robust system includes fluid-applied air and water-resistive barriers and StoGuard Detail Components to provide continuity at movement joints, substrate transitions, penetrations, transitions to roofing and below-grade air barriers, and rough openings:

StoGuard® Conformable Membrane

A self-adhered membrane flashing for use over prepared vertical above-grade concrete, concrete masonry, brick masonry, wood sheathing, glass mat gypsum sheathing, and cementitious sheathing, as part of a StoGuard® air and water-resistive barrier system. It features an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive that allows primerless installation at temperatures as low as 20°F. The tough facer membrane provides an impressive 1,470% elongation, allowing StoGuard Conformable Membrane to readily conform to complex building shapes. The result is a versatile transition membrane for detailing areas to provide flexible connections and continuity of the air barrier system.

Sto RapidGuard®

A moisture-cured, damp surface tolerant StoGuard Detail Component used for sheathing joint treatments featuring a one-component fabric or mesh-based product designed for seamless joint treatment and sheathing protection.

StoGuard Fabric

A tough reinforcement designed to be saturated with Sto Gold Coat®, Sto AirSeal® or Sto VaporSeal® to produce a waterproof flexible flashing material.

Sto Gold Fill

A ready-mixed, flexible joint compound, air barrier material. It is applied with StoGuard® Mesh to rough openings and wall sheathing joints.

StoGuard Mesh

A glass fiber self-adhesive mesh for use with Sto Gold Fill®.

Sto Detail Mesh

A specially designed coated glass fiber fabric used as base coat reinforcement and for impact resistance in Sto insulated wall claddings, including StoTherm® ci systems, StoQuikSilver® cement board stucco systems, and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) wall applications. It can also be used to reinforce Sto Gold Coat TA and Sto Gold Fill.

A Building Envelope that Delivers Today and Tomorrow

The science behind building envelopes has evolved due to the growing demands and expectations of building owners. Sto is a driving force behind that innovation. Unlike systems created from multiple sources that could leave a building exposed, our comprehensive system has been engineered from the ground up to work as a seamless unit, delivering on all performance needs, saving time and money, and reducing labor, complexity, and risk. In short, our building envelope is unmatched and ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

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