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How EPDs Work With The LEED Ratings System

How EPDs work with the LEED ratings system least three of the environmental impact categories measured in an EPD. Those categories measure product impact on factors such as global warming potential or depletion of non-renewable energy resources.”...
Examining 3D Printing In Construction

Examining 3D printing in construction

...cited by Scientific American, suggests 3-D printing could create up to 30 percent less material waste than typical construction techniques, as well as using less energy and generating fewer carbon...
Sto Corp Nets Six EIMA HERO Awards

Sto Corp nets six EIMA HERO Awards plain sight: This is an excellent example of utilizing the energy efficient, high performance qualities of EIFS, and the unique aesthetics to suit the design intent of a project....
Using Recycled Building Materials

Using recycled building materials

...fences, floor and ceiling tiles. Concrete can also be recycled when crushed as aggregate for new concrete. Use of recycled building materials can reduce the amount of energy used to...
Reducing Embodied Carbon In Building Materials

Reducing embodied carbon in building materials

...Status Report 2018, the buildings sector is responsible for a full 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions. While it’s true that the majority of these emissions—around 28%—arise from the day-to-day...
Exceptional Stucco Finish Types

Exceptional Stucco Finish Types

...textures. In addition, Sto provides a comprehensive solution to minimizing maintenance and repair and improving energy efficiency – vital features to protecting the long-term value of your investment. Click here...
Three Exterior Building Material Trends, Examined

Three exterior building material trends, examined

...materials age, hold up to the elements, or help achieve energy efficiency goals? As well, how efficiently, through cost and installation timelines, can the cladding be installed? Glass Many architects...
Regenerative Design: Going Beyond Sustainability

Regenerative design: Going beyond sustainability

...harm. Examples of regenerative design can include buildings that produce more energy than they consume, capture rainwater or include wastewater treatment options, restore habitat for plant and wildlife, or produce...
The Evolution Of The Building Envelope

The evolution of the building envelope

...Support (to resist and transfer structural and dynamic loads) Control (the flow of matter and energy of all types) Finish (to meet desired aesthetics on the inside and outside) Over...
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