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Steps For Achieving Net Zero Energy Efficient Buildings

Steps for Achieving Net Zero Energy Efficient Buildings

...building’s indoor environmental quality. 6. Renewable Energy Systems NZEB must produce as much energy as it uses with renewable energy systems, like small “hybrid” electric systems, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels,...
Examining Energy Use In Commercial Buildings

Examining energy use in commercial buildings

...patterns may need to be analyzed. Energy management data can also track where energy is being used and potentially wasted. Energy saving design and operation MIT undertook a study of...
Looking Towards Energy’s Future With Smart Power Grids

Looking towards energy’s future with smart power grids taken advantage of. More so, sophisticated smart grid sub-systems will strategically manage these diverse and geographically scattered renewable energy resources to ensure that their energy will be stored safely,...
Achieving Continuous Insulation With EIFS

Achieving Continuous Insulation with EIFS

...modern energy code goals. It is an ideal solution for both new construction and renovation, providing a cost and energy efficient solution to achieving performance goals while not compromising on...
9 Architectural Facades For High Performance Buildings

9 Architectural Facades for High Performance Buildings

...facade: Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Facades The facade’s design and how much you implement active and passive strategies will dramatically impact the energy use of your building. Architects can significantly...
The Best EIFS Siding And Cladding Options

The Best EIFS Siding and Cladding Options

...within the wall system. Quality Sealants Preventing water intrusion to the wall system must include proper installation of quality sealants. Energy-Efficiency All EIFS provide continuous insulation (CI) which lessens energy...
Brick Veneer Wall Systems Explained [Ultimate Guide]

Brick Veneer Wall Systems Explained [Ultimate Guide]

...primarily for structures that do not require energy efficiency. The Benefits of Brick Veneer Over Solid Brick Walls Brick veneer walls offer several advantages over solid brick exterior walls: Energy-Efficiency...
The Best Brick Solution For EIFS

The Best Brick Solution for EIFS

...versatility of a complete wall cladding system that provides contractors, architects, and engineers with a single-source and simple-to-use solution for compliance with current energy codes. Energy Efficiency: StoTherm® EIFS brick...
30 High Performance Cladding Systems

30 High Performance Cladding Systems

...barrier system for increased energy efficiency and protection against moisture infiltration. 5. StoTherm® ci HI-LM CMU 180 Energy-efficient, high-performing, and hurricane-resistant StoTherm® ci HI-LM CMU 180 is a continuous insulation...
Everything You Need To Know About XPS Insulation

Everything You Need to Know About XPS Insulation

...4.6 and 5.0, gives it a high thermal resistance value, making it extremely energy efficient, by saving energy in buildings and reducing CO2 emissions. Recyclable 100-percent recyclable XPS allows manufacturers...
5 Cladding Systems For High Performance Buildings

5 Cladding Systems for High Performance Buildings

...The design must ensure the building cladding systems’ durability, energy efficiency, and sustainability. The cladding’s aesthetic appeal for high-rise buildings or modest homes provides the structure’s first impression and influences...
Historic Building Restoration

Historic Building Restoration

...landfill waste Less hazardous material debris Energy savings No energy need for demolition and new construction Reuse of embodied energy in building materials and systems Retrofitting allows for more energy-efficient...
Building Enclosure Systems In Architecture

Building Enclosure Systems in Architecture

...loadings due to the separation of the interior and exterior environments – the flow of mass (moisture, air, etc.) and energy (sound, heat, UV, etc.). Finish Functions of the enclosure...
Minimize Construction Risks With Prefab

Minimize Construction Risks with Prefab

...well-designed, aesthetically pleasing building will help attract customers, clients, and visitors. Prefabrication offers architects and designers several significant aesthetic advantages: Aesthetic flexibility from a modern, energy-efficient, and lightweight coating system...
Considerations For The Best Stucco Drainage Mat Solution

Considerations for the Best Stucco Drainage Mat Solution

...engineered and tested system, delivering component compatibility and code compliance. Our aesthetically beautiful system protects buildings from the elements, saves energy, and removes moisture. In addition, our sustainable products offer...
EIFS Architecture: Everything You Should Know

EIFS Architecture: Everything You Should Know

...EIFS significantly boosts the structure’s energy efficiency and sustainability. StoTherm ci Lotusan® Sto’s best continuous insulation wall system (EIFS), the StoTherm ci Lotusan® offers a high-performance, energy-efficient wall cladding that...
The Best ICF Exterior Finishing Solution

The Best ICF Exterior Finishing Solution

...on exterior above-grade ICF wall construction Barrier wall construction drainage Energy efficiency with the continuous exterior insulation of the ICF Air and moisture protection with ICF Barrier wall construction with...
Glass Cladding Solutions For Commercial Buildings

Glass Cladding Solutions for Commercial Buildings

...cladding provides the following: Thermal insulation for improved building energy efficiency. Weather resistance Support structure Durability Improved safety with wind, fire, and blast resistance Excellent Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) Palma...
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