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EIFS: Flexible and Energy Efficient, a Great Solution for Restoration

Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) (with Drainage) is a non-load-bearing wall cladding system consisting of insulation board (continuous insulation) attached to the substrate, air and water-resistive barrier and drainage capability, a reinforced base coat and protective finish.

The system provides architects, builders, and developers an ideal solution for restoring the exterior facade of commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional buildings while also improving energy efficiency and durability of the building and allowing for a wide variety of facade aesthetics. EIFS systems also pass ignitability, fire resistance, and intermediate multi-story (NFPA-285) and full-scale multi-story corner tests, both meeting and surpassing the test’s standards.

The design flexibility of EIFS, with a wide range of colors and textures, including wood, brick, stone, concrete and traditional plaster, allows architects to achieve the aesthetic requirements of most restoration projects.

StoTherm® EIFS Wall Systems with Drainage

StoTherm® EIFS cladding systems combine continuous insulation (CI), water- and air-resistant barriers, and a wide variety of finishes to create high-performing, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing wall cladding. EIFS systems allow for the use of a variety of insulation types: GPS (graphite-enhanced expanded polystyrene), mineral wool, XPS (extruded polystyrene) and EPS (expanded polystyrene). The aesthetically flexible and durable system maximizes curb appeal and saves money through lower energy bills.

Architects and contractors have used Sto products globally for decades for restoration and new construction.

Historical Restoration with EIFS

Sto Products: StoTherm™ Premier NExT® and StoGuard

The flexibility of StoTherm™ Premier NExT® EIFS (also known as EIFS-with-Drainage) allowed architects to restore the 100-year-old Lido Beach Towers facade to its former glory while also enhancing its sustainability, energy efficiency, and aesthetics.

EIFS Restoration of a Concrete Block Building

Sto Products: StoTherm®ci, StoCast Wood, Sto® Essence Finish

When the non-profits River Bend Food Bank and FISH of Galesburg, Illinois, set out to restore an old, 15,000 ft2 uninsulated concrete block building for their newest food pantry, they wanted to transform it into a high-performing, aesthetically pleasing structure. Upon the architect’s suggestion, they utilized StoTherm ci EIFS with StoCast Wood and Sto Essence Finish, which significantly improved the building’s thermal performance and overall aesthetics.

Residential Apartment Building Restoration with EIFS

Mocco and Urban Architecture chose the StoTherm® ci EIFS wall system with StoSignature Stone and StoSignature Brick for the restoration of the 333 Grand at Liberty Harbor, an 18-story, 80,000 ft2 multi-family, mixed-use complex with a stunning curved facade, oversized windows, multiple textured surfaces, and vibrant colors. Sto EIFS products ensured an energy-efficient, durable envelope with a significantly lower carbon footprint and greater LEED certification results.

Retail Store Renovation with Sto EIFS

Greenhouse Dispensary utilized the StoTherm ci EIFS system to produce flowing, organic shapes and rescue the building from the architectural mess created by prior additions and renovations of the almost 70-year-old building.

Implementation of this much-admired design included 3D modeling and precision laser cutting of complicated forms that allowed the structure to come together in pieces. The Stolit® Milano finish makes the building shine!

Multi-Family Restoration – Ocean Village

Sto Corp. products revived and improved the former Ocean Village (now the Arverne View), a 1000+ unit apartment, low-income complex in NY, by enhancing its energy efficiency, durability, and curb appeal with StoTherm® ci Lotusan® cladding. The wall system includes three proven components:

Religious Building Restoration with EIFS

StoTherm® ci Essence (water-drainage EIFS system) provided this unique restoration project with a protective and decorative exterior wall cladding that combined the StoTherm® technology with a StoGuard® waterproof air barrier to improve protection against moisture infiltration and enhance thermal performance and durability.

Sto’s Complete Solution for Building Restoration

Sto has an innovative solution to building facade restoration – the A.R.T. of reStore™ – aesthetics, repair, and transformation. The A.R.T. of reStore™ offers all the services and materials needed to maintain and restore your building’s facade. The engineering can also enhance the building’s energy efficiency, safety, and occupant comfort level.

Vast Aesthetic Options

Sto offers aesthetic flexibility of wood, brick, stone, concrete and more, with complete design freedom in endless colors and textures as well as material options. In addition, Sto Studio can help with suggestions on textures, colors, and materials to help restore a building with a high-performing, fully-engineered, sustainable, and beautiful facade.

Sto Studio

Sto Studio will help your architectural design process and ensure that your building restoration will attain its maximum potential. We can generate various color renderings that will help determine the best facade to meet the desired aesthetics of your building.

Sto EIFS – The Best Solution for Restoration

Sto EIFS wall systems, including drainable EIFS, is the best solution for restoring residential, industrial, commercial, or institutional buildings. Sto EIFS cladding systems combine CI, water- and air-resistant barriers, and endless textured finishes to create sustainable, energy-efficient wall cladding. The aesthetically unique and durable system maximizes curb appeal and saves money through reduced energy bills and maintenance costs.

For more on how EIFS offers an ideal restoration solution for improving a building’s energy efficiency and aesthetics, don’t hesitate to contact the Sto professionals at (800) 221-2397!

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