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The Difference Between Rainscreens vs. Curtain Walls

Glass cladding covers a structure's exterior in order to protect its external surface and frame and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Manufacturers typically offer builders and architects two glass cladding types: rainscreen or curtain wall. Both eco-friendly glass cladding systems offer…

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Glass Cladding Solutions for Commercial Buildings

StoVentec® Glass Cladding offers designers and architects aesthetic versatility with exciting colors and endless shapes, textures, and designs to create distinctive and unique looks for any building. StoVentec® high-performing glass cladding provides the following: Thermal insulation for improved building energy…

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Are Ventilated Rainscreen Systems Effective?

Ventilated rainscreens, like StoVentec® Rainscreen®, help custom builders and architects build high-performance structures, especially in colder climates. StoVentec® ventilated rainscreen claddings create comfortable, sustainable, energy-efficient, and healthy indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for commercial, institutional, and residential exterior and interior wall…

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What is a Rainscreen System?

StoVentec® Rainscreen systems help create comfortable, energy-efficient, sustainable, and healthy indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for residential, commercial, and institutional wall construction (exterior and interior). They offer a complete, fully-tested, and code-approved, back ventilated system that provides an excellent air and…

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Understanding Brick Rainscreen Cladding Systems

Durable brick rainscreen & brick cladding systems help create energy-efficient, sustainable, comfortable, and healthy indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for residential, commercial, and institutional wall construction (interior and exterior). Simple-to-install, StoVentec® drained and back ventilated, fully engineered Rainscreen® brick cladding wall…

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