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Three senior housing trends post-COVID-19

With the sun hopefully setting on the worst of the COVID-19 outbreak, seniors’ housing needs are still evolving. While many changes at the outset of the pandemic were reactionary, there are some lasting elements that will be here to stay.
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How will COVID-19 affect multifamily design?

With major shifts in work and lifestyles forced upon us by the pandemic, those living in condominiums or apartment buildings are viewing their living environments through a different lens. Designers and operators of multifamily buildings must now consider what this building typology may look like in the future.
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What’s next for school design?

COVID-19 is creating a massive ripple in how students learn, and community engagement is becoming increasingly important when considering the needs of educational buildings. What does this mean for school design moving forward?
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Senior housing outlook 2021

In the best of cases, the senior housing industry in the United States will be looking to recovery in the coming months as vaccines roll in to save a market that is undergoing historic challenges.
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