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StoCast Brick Color Collection – Brick Design and Color Options

StoCast Brick creates a beautiful natural brick appearance to meet nearly any facade’s aesthetic goals to enhance a building’s curb appeal and value. In addition to the collection of 30 standard colors, (StoCast Brick Color Collection) StoCast Brick is also available in custom colors.

Our custom-made resin-cast bricks provide architects and builders with lightweight, flexible, easy-to-apply, and durable claddings that bond to many substrates for new construction, remodeling, or historical restoration:

  • Interior and exterior walls
  • Soffits 
  • Sto’s engineered cladding systems
  • Concrete masonry
  • Concrete
  • Stucco walls 

Benefits and Features of StoCast Brick

StoCast Brick resin cast shapes provide architects, building owners, and contractors with several benefits: aesthetic versatility, sustainability, fast and straightforward installation, low maintenance, durability, and code compliance. 

Design Freedom

The StoCast Brick Color Collection offers 30 standard colors but also project-specific colors, patterns, and textures that allow for a diverse range of brickwork design options. StoCast Brick also comes in three flexible shapes to achieve curved surfaces: flats, outside corners, and lintels. Sto’s online visualization tool, StoInspire, allows a user to apply selected Sto aesthetic surfaces and colors – including StoCast Brick – to building models. Create your own design by clicking here.


Thin, lightweight StoCast Brick uses significantly less energy for manufacturing and transportation, reduces waste, and conserves more natural resources than traditional brick. It only takes one truck to transport 60k+ ft2 of StoCast Bricks compared to 15 trucks to transport 60k+ ft2 of conventional brick. Also, StoCast Brick lacks dust and silica which makes it safe to handle.


Sto manufactures StoCast Bricks with acrylic polymers, which produce freeze/thaw, UV, and crack resistance in addition to superior flexural strength.

Easy to Install

Prefabricated StoCast Brick offers several features that lessen reliance on skilled labor and quicken installation time: 

  • Work well with fast-to-install prefabricated construction.
  • StoCast Brick can be installed on interior and exterior walls, soffits, on many of Sto’s engineered cladding systems, concrete masonry, concrete, and stucco walls.
  • Brick resin cast shapes improve job site efficiency by enabling one trade to install multiple cladding solutions over the same building envelope which eliminates material compatibility issues and transitions. 
  • Lightweight resin-cast brick shapes are easy to carry and handle.
  • Straightforward to apply, brick resin shapes are adhered and do not need fasteners and anchors.
  • Bricks are easily cut to size with shears.
  • Silica-free, brick resin cast shapes help create a safer job site environment.


StoCast Bricks with organic mortar reduce the risk of efflorescence associated with Portland cement-based masonry mortars. 


Thoroughly tested resin bricks comply with current building codes, including NFPA 268, NFPA 285, ASTM E84, and ASTM E119.

StoCast Brick Color Collection

Sto offers 30 standard colors of grey, red, brown, and orange, along with custom textures and colors to accommodate any modern, traditional, classic, or rustic designs. StoCast Brick also comes in the standard Modular, King, Queen, Utility, Estate, Premier Plus, and metric Norman sizes, along with custom sizes.

Download the StoCast Brick Style Guide or visit the StoCast Brick Color Chart for more on StoCast Brick Color Collections.

109 King Street

SkyRise Prefab Building Solutions engineered, manufactured, and installed 17,000 ft2 of StoPanel® Classic NExT ci panels with StoCast Brick and StoSignature™ Stone to achieve a historical look that fits in with the nearby historical building’s heritage brick facades. The Sto wall system, including StoCast Brick,  provides long-term sustainability, durability, and reduced maintenance to withstand severe Ontario winters. Manufacturing the panels off-site makes installing and working in constrained spaces easier. 

University Heights Professional Centre

SkyRise Prefab Building Solutions engineered, manufactured, and installed 40,300 sq.ft. of StoPanel Classic NExT ci with StoCast Brick and StoPanel Precast ci panels on a mixed-use midrise building in Toronto, Ontario. The lightweight StoPanel Classic ci panels simplified installation and allowed a variety of custom finishes to be installed on the building facade.

B-Line Condominiums

SkyRise Prefab Building Solutions in Toronto applied StoPanel® Classic NExT ci panel system with StoCast Brick and Wood, as well as StoSignature® and StoColor® Acryl Plus to accommodate the building’s complex design and multiple finishes in order to achieve the eye-catching aesthetics for the B-Line condominium development. 

111 Church Street

SkyRise Prefab Building Solutions engineered, manufactured, and installed 75,813 ft2 of StoPanel Classic NExT ci panels with StoCast Brick and Stolit to create this stunning affordable housing project in St. Catharines, Ontario. Stolit® finishes were used with StoCast Brick to create the unique exterior design

StoCast Brick Color Collection –  Endless Brick Design and Color Options

Architects, designers, and builders can use thin, lightweight StoCast Brick with the StoCast Brick Color Collection of 30 standard brick or project-specific colors, textures, and patterns to create beautiful natural brick facades. StoCast Brick also provides an easy-to-apply and durable cladding that bonds to many substrates for new construction, remodeling, or historical restoration projects.

Contact the team of Sto professionals today at (800) 221-2397 for more on StoCast Brick Color Collections.

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