The Augmented Reality Show at AIA 2018 You Won’t Want to Miss

June 12, 2018

An ideal building envelope has the ability to incorporate multiple control layers into its assembly. As a manufacturer, it’s what we strive for, since the connectivity and compatibility of various materials across a facade are paramount to meeting and delivering occupant comfort and safety without sacrificing the creative design intent of any building.

Sto Corp. and its StoTherm ci system family incorporates multiple control layers: The air, vapor, water, thermal, and water-shedding control layers are all housed within one simple system that is engineered to provide continuity and seamless functionality. This year at A’18, we are providing an opportunity to view these layers via an augmented reality demonstration.

The AR experience enables the user to see and understand how each of these layers forms the components of the StoTherm ci XPS system to deliver long-lasting thermal performance, air flow control, water resistive properties, protection, durability, and creative design control.

It’s all part of the Sto story. We produce facade systems that fulfill the most demanding requirements while offering design flexibility and favorable economics. We’ll show you the details in Booth #1768 at the AIA Conference Expo in New York City June 21st and 22nd. It’s an AR demo you won’t want to miss.

Meanwhile, here’s more info on Sto’s continuous insulation systems:

We look forward to seeing you at A’18.