Sto Corp Launches Next-Gen StoColor® Lotusan® Coating

April 12, 2016

Sto Corp is pleased to announce the launch the next generation of our highly successful StoColor® Lotusan® coating. The evolution of this product supports Sto Corp.’s effort to delight our customers and grow our successful functional coatings products line.

StoColor Lotusan is based on the science of biomimicry – building products based on designs from the natural world. It employs BIONICS™ technology modeled on the microstructure of the lotus leaf. Engineered by Sto, this innovative coating has super-hydrophobic properties and is ideal for new construction and recoat projects over concrete, stucco, EIFS, and fiber cement board substrates due to its high water vapor permeability.

The tinting formulas for the new product remain the same; however, since the formulation is slightly different, efforts should be made on job sites to use current and newer batches on different elevations or at architectural breaks, since the color may vary slightly where the two materials come together. Throughout this transition, you will still be able to order the old product to finish ongoing projects. Pricing remains the same.

The new, next generation version of StoColor Lotusan will have white lids during the transition and a sticker on the label of each pail that says “Next Generation”. Here is a table of the new item numbers for the new product:

The dark base materials are not included in this announcement. Those materials already incorporate the next-generation technology.

Please contact your sales representative or your customer service representative through this transition if you have any questions. Also, please work to use up your old inventory of the current formulation; Sto Corp. will not be accepting returns of the old product since it remains usable.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in making the transition to this next -generation product!