Sto Launches Impact Resistance Program

Aug 31, 2017

Sto is pleased  to  announce  the formal  launch  of  its  Impact  Resistance Program  designed to provide information about its leading impact- and hurricane-resistant, continuous insulation wall systems.

StoTherm ci has a proven history of delivering impact resistance for code-approved buildings in storm-prone, coastal areas, such as Florida’s Miami-Dade County, as part of its Hurricane Impact System Program (see our website and brochure for more information). A variety of prominent projects across the country designed to stand up to both extreme weather and everyday abuse provide even more examples.

While these systems are built to withstand the most severe weather conditions, StoTherm ci can also be configured to meet various impact levels consistent with the everyday requirements of   a specific location or type of use. Employed in entryways, staircases, lower-level, street-facing walls and many more applications, Sto’s Impact Resistant System can provide an excellent solution  for  keeping  exterior  wall surfaces intact, clean and fresh.

Impact Resistance is just one of many benefits offered by StoTherm ci Systems. Please also refer to our HP Colorant  Program  to  find  out  more  about  our  unique  finish  designs,  Sto  Studio design services and the superior fade-resistance that characterizes the entire line of Sto  finishes.

For more information, see our program brochure and video.