Sto Corp. Introduces the Next Generation of StoColor® Lotusan

Atlanta, GA – May 26, 2016 – Sto Corp., the innovative world leader in cladding, air barriers, coatings, and restoration systems, has introduced the next generation of StoColorTM Lotusan®, an exterior coating with a pronounced self-cleaning effect.

StoColor Lotusan is an exterior wall coating modeled on the microstructure of the lotus leaf. This BIONICS™ technology, engineered by Sto, imparts super-hydrophobic properties – the Lotus-Effect® technology – to the coating.  This makes it highly resistant to soiling, mold, mildew, and algae, and gives it high water-vapor permeability.  The coating  not only resists the growth of mold, mildew and algae, it also provides protection from the effects of weather and UV fade.


The Lotus-Effect technology is based on a natural phenomenon derived from the hydrophobic properties of the Asian lotus plant. When exposed to rainfall, this plant’s leaves are left immaculately clean and dry. Water beads on contact with the surface, and dirt runs off with the raindrops.


“We’re excited to introduce the next generation of StoColor Lotusan,” said Ed Telson, Sto Corp.’s Coating Segment Manager.  “Our goal is to continually improve our products and make even the best ones better.”

According to Telson, the next generation of StoColor Lotusan provides an improved flow when it is brushed or rolled on. The leveling attributes of the product –laying flat on the surface and filling in the profile — has been enhanced. The next-gen version also provides better coverage over colored surfaces when changing colors.


StoColor Lotusan is ideal for new construction and recoat projects over concrete, stucco, EIFS, and fiber cement board substrates. It has a smooth matte (flat) surface and is available in Sto Colors. It can also be matched in custom colors (some limitations apply). 
Sto’s StoColor Lotusan exterior coating is the first product to have incorporated the technical attributes of the Lotus-Effect developed by botanist Dr. Wilhelm Barthlott.  Exteriors treated with this coating stay dry and remain attractive longer – a particular advantage on the sides of those buildings that are exposed to severe weather.

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