Sto Corp. Announces Parent Company’s Equity Investment in SkyRise Prefab Building Solutions, Inc.

Atlanta, GA – (May 10, 2019) Sto Corp., the innovative leader in full system facades, prefabrication, air barriers, coatings, and restoration solutions announced today that its parent company, Sto SE & Co. KGaA (Sto), via a newly formed holding company ‘Sto Panel Holding GmbH’, will make a significant equity investment in SkyRise Prefab Building Solutions, Inc. (SkyRise), Pickering, ON, Canada.

Rainer Huttenberger, Spokesman of the Sto Executive Board said: “We see SkyRise as an excellent partner to develop our future pre-fabrication activities as it pertains to the world-wide need for quality, speed and innovation in construction. We believe this investment allows SkyRise to focus on growth, and Sto to deliver superior value in products, process and innovation.”

SkyRise, a Sto Panel Technology® affiliate, has from the very beginning leveraged its industry knowledge with Sto’s most modern products such as EcoShapes Vintage, StoCreativ® Granite and Stolit® Lotusan® to achieve significant growth in just a few years.

SkyRise will continue to focus its efforts in the Canadian market alongside their continued participation within the Sto Panel Affiliate network.

SkyRise is managed by an industry leading management team led by Sean Greene, Joe Aprile, John Sopta and Vasily Zadorojnyi

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About Sto

Sto is an international technology leader in the design and production of innovative building materials tailored to human needs. Our wall systems, coatings and finishes have been the choice of leading architects, engineers and contractors for 61 years, and we are the world’s largest manufacturer of exterior thermal insulation systems, with 35 subsidiaries, more than 5000 employees, and 21 factories operating around the globe.

Sto Corp., based in Atlanta, Georgia, produces a broad range of advanced cladding, air moisture barrier and coating systems that deliver energy efficiency and superior aesthetics for building construction, maintenance, and restoration. Sto Corp’s plants are ISO certified for environmental protection and quality control, and are strategically located to serve more than 200 distributor shipping locations throughout North and South America. Sto Corp. is committed to developing next-generation building solutions, and the company’s employees are advocates for technical mastery in pursuit of a sustainable built environment.

For more information, visit or call toll free (800) 221-2397. Follow Sto Corp. LinkedIn,  Facebook at,  Twitter, and the Sto blog “ARCHITRENDS”

About Sto Panel Technology:

Sto Panel Technology is a national and international program designed to transform the construction industry through partnerships forged between leading contractors & fabricators, alternate cladding manufacturers and Sto Corp. – the world’s number one manufacturer of exterior wall systems.  Sto Panel affiliates are independently owned and operated companies in every major construction market. By creating a branded, tested, proven and warranted prefabricated wall panel, Sto Panel Technology offers project owners, architects, GC’s/CM’s and design consultants a recognizable, high-quality standard for the exteriors of their buildings.  Sto Panel wall assemblies combine the latest technology and proven products to deliver the most energy efficient, architecturally versatile exterior in the construction industry today, employing a process that saves time, adds value and improves quality.

About SkyRise Prefab Building Solutions, Inc.

SkyRise is a leading provider of revolutionary prefabricated structural light-steel building solutions, continuously insulated prefinished exterior wall panel systems, and integrated structural building systems. Formed by a team of highly experienced individuals in building construction/design, light steel panelized structures, and exterior finishing systems, SkyRise offers builders and developers some of the most compelling modern building solutions available today. SkyRise has aligned themselves with world class manufacturers of revolutionary building products to ensure they remain at the forefront of emerging technologies.

Since the mid 1990’s, members of the SkyRise team have contributed to the inception and growth of light-steel prefabricated structures in Canada and throughout the world.