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NEW Color Offering: Explore the Range of StoCast Wood’s StoColor Wood Stain Specialty Finishes

Building Facade Design with Sto Color, Aesthetics, Sto Studio, and StoInspire

The aesthetics of a facade can set the building’s style, from an ultramodern facade with glass cladding and asymmetrical windows to a traditional facing with warm brick, expansive windows, and a spacious porch. An aesthetically pleasing, well-designed building facade also defines its purpose, attracts clients, customers, patients, students, etc., and improves its resale value.

In addition, the facade of high-performing residential, institutional, and commercial buildings must effectively protect against wind, rain, snow, ice, sun, etc., and contribute towards lowering maintenance and repair costs, reducing energy consumption, and enhancing indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

Sto Corp. offers the products, services, and tools to help architects, designers, and building owners attain their creative visions and performance requirements for their new and renovation projects.

Sto Specialty Finishes

Sto Specialty Finishes move beyond the look of traditional finishes to deliver new opportunities for creativity. Our finishes are lightweight and easier to install than traditional cladding materials, which means reduced structural requirements, fewer specialty trades and greater cost savings. Sto Specialty Finishes allow for the aesthetic you want coupled with the cost savings and performance you need.

StoCast Brick

Lightweight, flexible, easy-to-apply, durable, and custom-made resin-cast bricks come in 30 standard or project-specific colors, patterns, and textures. StoCast Brick is an ideal solution when the project calls for a traditional or customized “classic” brick look.

StoCast Wood

StoCast Wood are lightweight, flexible, resin cast, wood grain planks that create an authentic wood appearance. They are easy to apply and can be stained in a multitude of colors with StoColor Wood Stain or any of Sto’s high performance coatings. More cost-effective than real or engineered wood, StoCast Wood can be used in a variety of engineered wall cladding systems.

StoColor Metallic

StoColor® Metallic creates a metallic panel look with various color and texture options. You can design a custom look by applying the 15 standard colors over smooth or textured surfaces. The coating system includes a lightweight StoColor® Metallic Top Coat applied over the StoColor® Metallic Base. The two layers create a radiant depth which creates subtle light-induced color shifts that produce a dynamic metal appearance.

You can use StoColor® Metallic over prepared vertical, above-grade StoVentec® Render Systems, StoTherm® ci Systems, and interior drywall surfaces. It creates the aesthetic appeal of metal panels at a fraction of the cost.


StoTique (an exterior and interior coating) can be used to easily create an antique or mottled or other custom decorative effects. You can use it over textured or smooth finish coatings, existing EIFS, stucco, or painted wall surfaces.

StoCreativ Lux

The durable StoCreativ® Lux finish comes in six looks and combines the texture and depth of natural stone with the luster of reflective materials – at a fraction of the cost of natural stone or metal.

You can trowel-apply lightweight StoCreativ® Lux to the most intricate architectural shapes for interior and exterior design applications.

StoCreativ Granite

Trowel-applied, acrylic-based StoCreativ® Granite interior and exterior wall finish looks like cut or polished granite but it is a versatile, lightweight, durable, and low-maintenance coating for new construction or renovation.

Sto GraniTex

Acrylic-based, spray-applied, durable, low-maintenance Sto GraniTex® comes in numerous color combinations designed to feel and look like natural stone and can be used in both new construction and renovation.

Sto Decocoat

Sto makes ready-mixed Sto Decocoat™ decorative and protective wall coating with fine variegated aggregate in a pure acrylic binder.

You can use Sto Decocoat™ as an interior or exterior coating over prepared masonry, concrete, plaster, or drywall surfaces.

Sto Color

The Sto Color systems give building professionals easy and efficient planning tools for selecting facade colors and finishes for high-performing wall systems. These color collections provide a broad range of colors for use in Sto’s wide variety of finishes and architectural coatings.

StoColor Collections

800 Color Collection

StoColor 800 System with 800 standard colors.

Architectural Color Collection

Architectural Color Collection offers a range of 300 selected color shades for a timeless, architecture- and material-related color scheme of buildings.

Classic Collection

The Classic Color Collection represents traditional North American favorites.

Southwest Collection

The Southwest Color Collection represents the traditional colors of the Southwest.

Product Color Charts

StoVentec Glass Color Chart

Individually manufactured and highly customizable, StoVentec glass panels fuse colors directly onto the glass, before the toughening process. Colors melt into the back side of the glass, creating permanent color that will not wear, scratch, fade, or incur water damage. These panels are available in many sizes, shapes and colors, including over 60 standard colors and the ability to incorporate custom designs.

Sto Studio

Sto Studio (an accredited AIA CEU provider) offers professional services to assist building professionals with facade materials, colors, and texture options to create attractive, high-performing, sustainable, and fully engineered cladding systems.

Sto Studio services include:

Renderings and Visualizations

We create a series of color renderings that help you determine the most acceptable facade for commercial, residential, and institutional construction, either new or renovation.

Color Collections

You can access Sto’s library of color selector tools from our Strategic Accounts database, whether standard or special colors.

Local Marketing

To assist our distributors’ network with showroom design, event planning, and local marketing efforts.

Professional Staff

Sto professionals can offer superior solutions to addressing your color and design challenges. Our team is part of the StoDesign International network of studios and are members of the Color Marketing Group.

Reference Tools

To provide design and color trend information to keep you on the cutting edge of building facade design.

StoInspire Tool

You can use our StoInspire visualizer tool to preview Sto’s numerous exterior finish options on a model or upload photo of your project. StoInspire will bring your inspiration to life and allow you to see what your new or renovated building will look like once completed with Sto Products.

Achieve Your Facade Creative Vision with Sto Corp.’s Products, Services, and Tools

Sto Corp. offers the most complete and expansive aesthetics for building enclosures worldwide. Sto Corp. products, services, and tools help building professionals attain their creative visions and performance requirements for their new and renovation projects.

Submit your project today, and let’s start achieving your aesthetic visions and performance goals for your new or renovation construction project!

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