Restoring the Broadway Promenade exterior, a story of collaboration

Posted by Editorial  | September 19, 2016

Located in Sarasota, Florida, the 10-year-old Broadway Promenade Condominium was in need of repair.  The stucco was cracked, unbounded and inadequately cured during construction, resulting in a high alkaline stucco.  As a result, the exterior paint exhibited severe alkaline burn, became mottled in color and had begun to delaminate and peel despite several attempts to repaint areas.

Delta Engineering & Inspection, Inc., a consulting engineering firm headquartered in Sarasota, was already assisting the Condo association with other construction defects and was asked to evaluate these conditions after other consultants determined the only solution was to remove all of the stucco from the buildings. Delta performed various stucco and coatings tests and evaluated several paint coating systems, all of which would not provide long-term performance nor the necessary warranty provisions. According to Delta principal, Steven Mainardi, PE, the search for a long-term solution for the property resulted in a system from Sto Corp. being specified and used on the project.


Originally published in PRISM • October 2016

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