Next-generation Products Impacting the EIFS Industry

Brian Chang and Michael DeLaura | May 1, 2016

Newly-adopted changes in the nation’s building codes to improve energy efficiency are stimulating growth in America’s EIFS industry. These federally-mandated rules now require the use of an Air Barrier and Continuous Insulation outboard of the stud cavity, which has placed renewed focus on improvements in the traditional Exterior Insulated Finish Systems of old.

The air barriers in buildings traditionally comprised different materials and assemblies, but most commonly consisted of building wraps and self-adhesive membranes, two methods that have been used for more than 25 years as protection for the building substrate. Paper wrap often incorporated a self-adhesive membrane at transitions, window or door openings and substrate penetrations. Self-adhesive membranes were sometimes installed over the entire substrate including transitions, window and door openings and substrate penetrations.


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