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StoQuik Silver<sup>®</sup> – DrainScreen

StoQuik Silver® – DrainScreen

StoQuik® Silver DrainScreen is a durable cement board stucco system with superior energy efficiency and improved water drainage.

System information:

1 Structural Wall Assembly
2 Air & Moisture Barrier: Sto EmeraldCoat
3 Drainage: Sto DrainScreen
4 PermaBase™ Cement Board ASTM C 1325 (min. ½ inch or 13 mm)
5 Reinforcement Mesh: StoGuard Mesh 4.25
6 Mesh: Sto Mesh
9 Finish: Stolit 1.5
StoQuik Silver<sup>®</sup> - DrainScreen

StoQuik Silver® - DrainScreen

Series 11.xx

This assembly incorporates a fluid applied air/moisture barrier, drainage mat, cement board, and Sto reinforcing meshes, base coats, primers and finishes. The assembly complies with IBC and IRC building code requirements for use on all Types (I, II, II, IV, and V) of construction.

Accessories for StoQuik Silver Cement Board Stucco Systems – 0307 S
File Ref.# 0307 S
Critical Detail Checklist for Wall Assemblies – 0403 BSc
File Ref.# 0403 BSc
Keys to Success: StoQuik Silver Cement Board Stucco – 0407 S
File Ref.# 0407 S
Life Cycle Assessment Summary – 0110 BSc
File Ref.# 0110 BSc
Moisture Control Principles of Wall Assemblies – 0603 BSc
File Ref.# 0603 BSc
Sto Cladding Systems Compatibility w Huber Zip Systems – 1110 BSc
File Ref.# 1110 BSc
Sto Gold Coat Thickness Requirement – 0416 BSc
File Ref.# 0416 BSc
Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard
File Ref.# 0518 BSc
Sto Drip Edge Profile – S886
File Ref.# S886
Sto Mesh Corner Bead – S885
File Ref.# S885
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