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StoTherm<sup>®</sup> ci MVES

StoTherm® ci MVES

StoTherm ci® MVES is a fully engineered EIFS with drainage, designed for use with Adhered Masonry Veneer (AMV) surfaces, including thin brick, natural stone, ceramic tile, or cultured stone.  It features Sto GPS Board for excellent thermal performance and durability, and incorporates a StoGuard air and water-resistive barrier system.

Accessory Products

*Refer to Product Bulletin for specific information on the proper use, handling, application and limitations of StoSeal STPE Sealant.

System information:

1 Structural Wall Assembly
3 StoGuard Detail Component -
Sheathing Joints and Corners, Flashing and
Rough Opening Protection, Penetrations: Sto RapidGuard®
4 StoGuard Detail Component - Static Joints and Seams: Sto RapidGuard®
5 StoGuard Detail Component - Dynamic Joints: StoGuard Conformable Membrane
9 Basecoat: Sto Primer/Adhesive
10 Attachment: Fastener by others
11 Masonry Veneer Adhesive:: StoColl
12 Masonry Veneer Grout
13 Masonry Veneer
Quick Reference Guide on Selection of Adhered Masonry Veneers in Ext Wall Construction – 0821-M
File Ref.# 0821-M
Sto MVES Brochure – S964
File Ref.# S 964
Sto GPS Board
File Ref.# Sto GPS Board
Sto TurboStick Brochure – S838
File Ref.# S838
StoSeal STPE Sealant
File Ref.# S 993
StoTherm ci GPS – Sales Sheet
File Ref.# S995
StoTherm ci – S881
File Ref.# S 881
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