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Sto Gold Coat – Substrate Driven

Sto Gold Coat – Substrate Driven

Sto Gold Coat® is a vapor-permeable, fluid-applied air and water-resistive membrane. It can be installed according to one of three specifications depending on project requirements.

The Substrate-Driven specification matches Sto Gold Coat® thickness with substrate requirements.  To optimize dry time on gypsum sheathing, minimum 10-mils wet film thickness is required.  Sto Gold Coat is translucent when applied at 10-mils wet film thickness.

The Medium-Build specification requires 20-mils wet film thickness on gypsum sheathing.  Sto Gold Coat is opaque when applied at 20-mils wet film thickness.

The High-Build specification requires 40-mils Sto Gold Coat wet film thickness for project teams that prefer a thicker membrane.

All three specifications provide a vapor-permeable air and water-resistive barrier that fully complies with ICC-ES AC212 and fire testing requirements.

Product number: 81636-SD

Sto Gold Coat – Substrate Driven
File Ref.# 0319 BSc
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