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StoTherm<sup>®</sup> ci Mineral

StoTherm® ci Mineral

StoTherm® ci Mineral is an EIFS with Drainage continuous insulation wall system. It is a high-performance, energy efficient wall cladding that integrates  StoGuard®, air and water-resistive barrier, non-combustible mineral wool insulation, and drainage.  It can achieve a variety of aesthetic appearances using Sto textured finishes, Sto Specialty finishes, or StoCast surface components.

EPD Documents

Accessory Products

*Refer to Product Bulletin for specific information on the proper use, handling, application and limitations of StoSeal STPE Sealant.

System information:

1 Structural Wall Assembly
3 StoGuard Detail Component -
Sheathing Joints and Corners, Flashing and
Rough Opening Protection, Penetrations: Sto RapidGuard®
4 StoGuard Detail Component - Static Joints and Seams: Sto RapidGuard®
5 StoGuard Detail Component - Dynamic Joints: StoGuard Conformable Membrane
6 Adhesive: Sto BTS Plus
8 Thermal Dowel and Fastener: Sto Thermo Dowel
Bulletin PDF
9 Mesh: Sto Mesh
11 Primer: StoPrime® Sand
12 StoTherm ci Finish Options: StoTherm Finish Selector
Critical Detail Checklist for Wall Assemblies – 0403 BSc
File Ref.# 0403
Critical Lighting of Wall Surfaces – 1006 E
File Ref.# 1006 E
Fading in StoTherm ci and Coatings – 0893 EC
File Ref.# 893 EC
Moisture Control Principles of Wall Assemblies – 0603 BSc
File Ref.# 0603
Paintable Pecora Sealants and Sto Coatings – 0213 C
File Ref.# 0213
StoGuard Coverage over ASTM C 1177 Sheathing – 0614 BSc
File Ref.# 0614
Temporary Heating of EIFS Installations in Cold Weather – 1001 E
File Ref.# 1001 E
StoTherm ci Mineral Brochure – S912
File Ref.# S912
StoTherm ci – S881
File Ref.# S881
Sto Impact Resistance
File Ref.# StoTherm Impact Resistance Brochure
StoSeal STPE Sealant
File Ref.# S 993
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