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StoTherm® ci 1177 – LM

StoTherm® ci 1177 – LM

StoTherm® ci 1177-LM is a high-performance, exterior wall cladding system that integrates a seamless air and water-resistive barrier with continuous insulation (ci), advanced drainage capabilities and Sto Armor Mat XX Mesh for additional reinforcement and impact resistance over glass mat gypsum sheathing. StoTherm® ci 1177-LM is engineered to meet the testing requirements for large and small missile impacts.

System Component Drawing:

Accessory Products

  • StoSeal STPE Sealant*
  • *Refer to Product Bulletin for specific information on the proper use, handling, application and limitations of StoSeal STPE Sealant.

System information:

1 Steel Steel Frame (6" - 16 gauge)
2 Sheathing - 5/8″ ASTM C 1177 Sheathing (+/- 150 psf)
3 Armor Mesh: Sto Armor Mat XX Mesh
5 Air and Water-Resistive Barrier - Wall Membrane: Sto Gold Coat – Substrate Driven
6 StoGuard Detail Component - Sheathing Joints : Sto RapidGuard®
7 StoGuard Detail Component - Rough Opening Protection: Sto RapidGuard®
8 StoGuard Detail Component - Penetrations: Sto RapidGuard®
9 StoGuard Detail Component - Movement Joints and Substrate Transitions: StoGuard Transition Membrane
Bulletin PDF
11 Insulation: Miami-Dade County Listed EPS, 1.0 pcf, Minimum 1-inch Thick
12 Mesh: Sto Mesh
14 StoTherm ci Finish Options: StoTherm Finish Selector
Hurricane Impact - 10H.14

Hurricane Impact - 10H.14


Sto Hurricane Impact (HI) Systems provide a full range of exterior cladding options to protect against hurricane and tropical storm winds, water intrusion, and windborne debris, a major cause of building envelope failure. This system meets Miami-Dade County, Florida criteria for impact resistance, air and water infiltration, and wind load resistance.

Sto Hurricane Impact Systems – S556E
File Ref.# S565E
Sto Impact Resistance
File Ref.# StoTherm Impact Resistance Brochure
StoSeal STPE Sealant
File Ref.# S 993
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