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Sto Fortification Layers

Sto fortification layers are engineered to enhance the durability and performance of EIFS and stucco systems while maintaining the aesthetic integrity and beauty.​

Sto offers two types of fortification layers: one for EIFS called Strike Defense, and one for stucco called Crack Defense. These layers are optional and can be used in new construction or renovation projects.​

Sto Strike Defense

Sto Strike Defense offers superior protection against woodpeckers and blunt or sharp objects. Its performance against impact puncture resistance is backed by independent testing that simulated 25,000 bird strikes. The fortification layer uses Sto Meshes and StoArmat Classic Plus, patent-pending, a 100% organic, cement-free basecoat engineered to provide ultimate impact protection.​​

Sto Strike Defense is fully tested, meets NFPA 285, and is available with StoTherm ci, StoTherm ci GPS, and StoTherm ci XPS systems. It can be used in new construction and renovation (reStore Level 2) projects.

EIFS with Drainage Systems Page
EIFS Renovation Application

StoTherm ci GPS
available with
Strike Defense option


Sto Strike Defense
in restoration application over standard EIFS

Sto Crack Defense

Sto Crack Defense offers protection against surface cracking by significantly reducing the occurrence of cracks in the stucco basecoat transferring to the finished surface. It consists of a layer of Sto Mesh and Sto polymer modified basecoat applied over the stucco basecoat.

Sto Crack Defense is available with all our StoPowerwall systems that include an acrylic finish. It can be used in new construction and renovation (reStore Level 2) projects.

Stucco Systems Page
Stucco Systems Renovation Application

StoPowerwall Drainscreen
available with Sto Crack Defense option

IMG_StoPowerwall Crack Defense Restoration _1_Shadow_EN 1

Sto Crack Defense
in restoration
application over standard stucco

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