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Industrial Building Facades: The Evolution of Cladding

Initially, industrial building facades functioned only to support the roof or floor, with a simple hole to allow for light or entrance. Typically these structures included a monochromatic, single-material commercial building facade. However, the evolution of building science incited the…

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Aesthetic Versatility with Glass Facade Buildings

Glass facade building, or glass facade elevation, gives architects and designers aesthetic versatility with beautiful colors and endless glass facade designs, and glass face textures and shapes to produce unique and eye-catching looks for any building. High-performing glass facade buildings,…

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Steps for Achieving Net Zero Energy Efficient Buildings

Net-zero-energy buildings (NZEBs) create as much energy as they use, which can be an environmental, financial, and quality of life win for everyone. A ten-fold increase in NZEB shows no signs of slowing, which expands opportunities for green builders, architects,…

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