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StoPanels with Kawneer 8225TL and AA4325 Windows

Kawneer and Sto Panel Technology® have partnered to develop a fully integrated, prefabricated exterior wall and window system. This complete envelope solution has been fully tested to ASTM standards to deliver proven performance while simplifying window installation.

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Simplified Installation

Pre-installed window receptors and perimeter sealants provide controlled and consistent installation, reducing on-site labor and installation time.

• Window receptors and perimeter sealants are installed under controlled conditions in Sto Panel Technology affiliate facilities.
• All jobsite window installation is done from the interior, minimizing equipment requirements and contributing to improved worker safety.

Strong, Durable, and Beautiful

Lightweight StoPanel exterior wall panels incorporate exterior insulation and an air/moisture barrier, while Kawneer’s 8225TL and AA4325 windows are  environmentally friendly and sustainable

  • Kawneer’s aluminum material withstands both high and low temperature extremes without warping. This minimizes both contraction and expansion.
  • The window finish is virtually maintenance free with the option of one of six anodized finishes or a custom painted finish that comes in today‘s most popular color palette.
  • Modern, narrow sightlines can be used for any aesthetic need from contemporary to traditional.
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Proven Performance

Developed with the expertise of Sto and Kawneer,  leaders in their respective fields, the complete, tested envelope solution offers demonstrated and validated wall panel and window system performance.

  • The StoPanel / Kawneer 8225TL and AA4325 window assembly is tested as a full system to a Design Pressure of 40 and 50 PSF.
  • The assembly meets ASTM E283, ASTM E331, and ASTM E330 standards.
  • Fabricated and installed wall panels are available from experienced StoPanel affiliates located throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Performative Aesthetics
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