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StoVentec® for masonry veneer facades

StoVentec® for masonry veneer facades

StoVentec® for masonry veneer facades is a drained and backventilated, fully engineered Rainscreen® wall system featuring a thin brick facade. This complete system incorporates continuous insulation, sub-construction and a continuous air and moisture barrier. Combining the globally proven performance of the StoVentec rainscreen system with the durability of thin brick masonry veneer, offers building envelope designers both the flexibility of form and function when integrating with Sto’s other engineered wall systems.

Accessory Products

  • StoSeal STPE Sealant*
  • *Refer to Product Bulletin for specific information on the proper use, handling, application and limitations of StoSeal STPE Sealant.

System information:

1 Structural Wall Assembly
3 Air & Moisture Barrier - Sheathing Joints & Corners: Sto RapidGuard®
4 Air & Moisture Barrier - Rough Opening Protection: Sto RapidGuard®
5 Air & Moisture Barrier - Flashing and Penetration: Sto RapidGuard®
6 Air & Moisture Barrier - Dynamic Joints and Seams: StoGuard Transition Membrane
Bulletin PDF
8 Sub-construction: StoVentro Subconstruction
Bulletin PDF
10 Primer: StoPrime
11 Base Coat: Sto Primer/Adhesive
12 Reinforcing Mesh: Sto 6 oz. Mesh
13 Masonry Veneer Adhesive: StoColl
14 Masonry Veneer Grout (by others)
15 Masonry Veneer (by others)
Quick Reference Guide on Selection of Adhered Masonry Veneers in Ext Wall Construction – 0821-M
File Ref.# 0821-M
StoVentec® for masonry veneer facades
File Ref.#
StoVentec for mvf Case Study Video
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