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NEW Color Offering: Explore the Range of StoCast Wood’s StoColor Wood Stain Specialty Finishes

Specialty Aesthetic Coatings

Create visual interest, hide imperfections and maintain a new look for longer.

Coatings that allow for unique, customized aesthetics combined with the performance characteristics associated with Sto coatings and finishes. Sto Specialty Aesthetic Coatings enhance curb appeal and protect the building.

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StoColor Wood Stain
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StoColor® Metallic

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StoColor® Metallic offers the ability to achieve a metallic panel look with a variety of color and texture options. All 15 standard colors can be applied over smooth or textured surfaces offering the versatility to create a custom look while utilizing standard finishes. The coating system features StoColor Metallic Top Coat, a lightweight, breakthrough new acrylic-based coating with metallic effect pigments, applied over StoColor Metallic Base. It’s the combination of the two layers that creates the luminous depth, allowing subtle light-induced color shifts to produce a dynamic metal look. Used over prepared vertical, above grade StoTherm® ci Systems, StoVentec® Render Systems, and interior drywall surfaces, it offers the aesthetic appeal of metal panels at a fraction of the cost.

StoColor® Wood Stain

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StoColor Wood Stain is an acrylic-based stain for use as a topcoat over StoCast Wood and StoSignature Wood. It provides superior UV protection for long lasting colors and is available in gloss or matte sheen. With 25 standard colors and the possibility for custom colors, designers will enjoy the creative freedom to follow their inspiration. Use it on vertical above grade walls in StoVentec®, StoTherm®, StoPowerwall®, StoQuik®Silver,StoPanel®, and StoLIte® wall systems, and on prepared concrete, concrete masonry, or stucco wall surfaces.


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StoTique is an exterior and interior coating that achieves an “antique” mottled effect or other custom decorative effects. Use it over existing EIFS, stucco, previously painted wall surfaces, or any Sto textured or smooth finish coating.

StoColor® Texture

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StoColor® Texture is an acrylic-based textured coating used over prepared vertical concrete, stucco, existing EIFS, tilt-up, or masonry surfaces. It is also used as a skid resistant horizontal coating on concrete surfaces exposed to light pedestrian traffic such as balconies, decks, and walkways.


StoColor® Texture Fine

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StoColor® Texture Medium

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StoColor® Texture Coarse

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