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How architects celebrate Halloween

Do architects have a special spot in their hearts for Halloween? Halloween offers a chance for creative flare, and by the looks of these pumpkins and costumes, many in the building design field are creeping it real.


Leave it to architects to take a family-focused craft like pumpkin carving and step it up to something otherworldly. AIA New York’s Pumpkitecture event has produced some spooktacular designs as entrants attempt to win the PritzkerPumpkin award. The event allows both individuals and firms working as a team to enter the contest, and multiple gourds may be used to construct those sinister designs, per last year’s entry rules.

If you don’t quite have the skills of the firms that participated, American Institute of Architecture Students, University of Tennessee Chapter has you covered. Click here to see some of their creations and download templates to try them at home.


With Halloween costumes reflecting a personal passion, some architects have come up with some creative – and hilarious – ideas. ArchDaily’s poll of its readership asked for a look at some of architecture-themed costumes, and showcased some incredible designs, including Bjarke Ingels and Daniel Kidd as King Kong and the Empire State Building.

If you’re interested in dressing like a famous architect yourself, Curbed offers some advice for pulling off the signature looks of Zaha Hadid, Daniel Libeskind, Le Corbusier and more. “Whichever of these geniuses’ costumes you use, remember to keep your tone quixotic, your facial expression thoughtful, and, when your friends admit they don’t know who you even are, your demeanor aghast,” the publication opines.

If you need a bit more creative inspiration for Halloween, or just want to look at some amazing works of architecture clad in orange and black, check out Architizer’s Happy Halloween: 10 Bewitching Projects Clad in Orange and Black.

Readers, have you ever given ‘em pumpkin to talk about? Show us your #SquashGoals on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and lift our spirits.

Happy Halloween from the team at Sto Corp.

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