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Three exterior building material trends, examined

The exterior of a building is its first impression, and the materials used for cladding have a major impact. Whether it's the natural appearance of wood or the sleek, sophisticated feel of glass, building material selection has an immediate impact on curb appeal.
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Circular economy in building design and construction

There is ample buzz surrounding the term circular economy of late. Also referred to as circularity, the building design and construction industries are looking at reshaping operations to apply this new way of thinking, which appears on the surface a monumental task.
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Reducing embodied carbon in building materials

Reducing the operational carbon output of buildings has long been an important topic of discussion, but drilling down even further, the architecture, engineering and construction industries are now turning an eye to embodied carbon. Embodied carbon of building materials refers the amount of carbon that is emitted to produce and transport building materials before they hit the jobsite.
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