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Online Color and Texture Representation 

The colors and textures presented in StoInspire™ are representations. Color and texture representations viewed online are affected by monitor settings and other limitations of electronic viewing. Actual color of manufactured product may vary slightly from this representation. Construct full scale job site mock-ups for final color and texture approval. Minor material shade variation may occur from batch to batch. Avoid installing separate batches side-by-side and avoid product application in direct sunlight. Avoid installing new finish or coatings adjacent to weathered or aged areas. Sto Corp will not be responsible for shade or color variation from batch to batch, variation caused by application or substrate deficiencies, or fading as a result of natural causes such as weather. Dark, intense colors will show fading more than lighter toned colors. For Continuous Insulation (ci) systems (EIFS) installed over EPS, GPS or XPS foam insulation select colors with light reflectance value (LRV) of 20 or greater. See Sto Tech Hotline No. 0694-C for helpful tips on prevention of color problems. 

StoVentec® Glass Panels in StoInspire are representations. Project-specific, customized panels are required for each project.  


Sample requests submitted through StoInspire™ will be fulfilled with 8″x 8″ samples with the exception of StoCast Brick and StoCast Wood samples. StoCast Brick samples are 14″ x 14″ sample boards with both brick and mortar. StoCast Wood samples will be 6″x8″. 

Textured samples (Fine, Medium and Swirl) are intended to be representative of texture and color. Textured sample requests will be produced using Stolit® finish products.  

Non-textured samples will be produced using StoColor® Dryonic®. 

A StoVentec® Rainscreen® specialist may contact you for any sample requests for StoVentec® Glass.

Full scale job-site mock-ups should be constructed for final color and texture approval utilizing the desired product. 

Requests for multiple samples will normally be consolidated into a single shipment.  

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