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StoQuik Finish for AAC

StoQuik Finish for AAC

Decorative and protective finish solution for above grade exterior AAC wall construction.

Accessory Products

  • StoSeal STPE Sealant*
  • *Refer to Product Bulletin for specific information on the proper use, handling, application and limitations of StoSeal STPE Sealant.

System information:

1 Exterior AAC Masonry Units (ASTM C-1452)
2 Surface Conditioner: StoPrime® Conditioner
3 Waterproof Base Coat: Sto Flexyl
4 Surface Reinforcement: Sto Mesh
5 Basecoat: Sto BTS Xtra
6 Primer: StoPrime® Sand
7 Specialty Systems and Solutions Finish Options: Specialty Systems Finish Selector
Critical Detail Checklist for Wall Assemblies – 0403 BSc
File Ref.# 0403 BSc
Life Cycle Assessment Summary – 0110 BSc
File Ref.# 0110 BSc
Moisture Control Principles of Wall Assemblies – 0603 BSc
File Ref.# 0603 BSc
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