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Noted Artist Creates Mural for Sto Corp at AIA Expo

Andrew Spear, a NYC-based, “live mural artist”, will be creating a mural on the walls of the Sto Corp booth (#1768) during the AIA Conference & Exposition this week in New York. Using versatile Sto Acryl coatings – and no other medium – he will be transforming the walls of the Sto booth into a work of art which will be posted here when it is completed. Spear, who describes himself as a community activist, cultural instigator and music enthusiast, is consistently testing the boundaries of his artistic imagination. And the AIA project is yet another demonstration of how Sto’s state-of-the-art building materials can also test boundaries and enable creativity. If you’re at the show, don’t miss the master muralist at work, and sign-up for a free print of Andrew’s work.
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Sto Tint Training Ensures Color Quality

Sto produces world class color finishes and coatings but handling these products properly and understanding them turns these superior quality color products into exceptional works of beauty that manifest technological prowess in the built environment. In addition to learning color theory at the Sto Tint School and how to best help customers realize their color requirements, Sto employees are also trained in tint product care and storage.
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The Sto Tint School – Color 101

The Sto Tint School is yet another asset that helps differentiate Sto Corp. in the building materials marketplace today. At Sto, consistent material selection and consistent formulation results in consistent color and a superior product; at the Sto Tint School in Atlanta they strive to ensure quality customer service to support the tinted product. Sto employees and distributors are trained to be coating and finish specialists at the facility where they are schooled in the art and science of color.
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The World of Chroma & Hue at Sto’s Color Lab

Sto’s Color Lab is a critical component in the company’s production of superior coatings and finishes. They offer what is in effect a color customization service, responding to requests from designers, architects, contractors and applicators seeking to match a particular shade, turning out, on average, 70 fresh color variations and 100 samples a day. The Color Lab is also the U.S. home for the highly lauded StoColor 800 collection, a color system formulated to match the range of human visual perception.
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The Art and Science of Color

At Sto, the science and technology of color have been perfected over decades to create coatings and finishes that offer both form and function in the built environment. Between Sto Studio, Sto Tint School and the Sto Color Lab, we have a corner on mastering the art, science and psychology of color systems.
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Sto To Present at D+D Material Selection Conference

Durability & Design (D+D), the trade magazine focused on architectural coatings for the built environment, will be hosting a one-day Material Selection Conference, September 26, 2017 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sto experts will be presenting at the program which is designed to help owners, architects, contractors and other building industry professionals determine the best coating systems to manage moisture intrusion into exterior walls, and the best liquid-applied air barrier designs to limit heat, air, and moisture transport through walls.
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