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StoPowerwall<sup>®</sup> ci – Outbound  with Sto Crack Defense option

StoPowerwall® ci – Outbound with Sto Crack Defense option

StoPowerwall®ci – Outbound Insulation is a premium integrated stucco wall system that combines protective and aesthetic elements. The system is made-up of high-performance components including StoGuard® waterproof air barrier, Sto DrainScreen®, Owens Corning or Dow Type IV XPS insulation board, and Sto textured finishes. The inbound insulation follows the convention of using insulation to exterior of sheathing.

System information:

1 Glass Mat Gypsum Sheathing - ASTM C 1177 Compliant
2 Air & Moisture Barrier - Wall Membrane: Sto Gold Coat
3 Air & Moisture Barrier - Sheathing Joints & Corners: Sto RapidGuard™
4 Air & Moisture Barrier - Rough Opening Protection: Sto RapidGuard™
5 Air & Moisture Barrier - Flashing and Penetration: Sto RapidGuard™
6 Air & Moisture Barrier - Dynamic Joints and Seams: StoGuard Transition Membrane
Bulletin PDF
7 Type IV XPS Insulation Board Manufactured by Owens Corning or Dow
8 Code Compliant WRB Paper or Felt
9 Drainage: Sto DrainScreen
10 Metal Lath
12 Crack Defense Mesh (optional) : Sto Mesh
13 Crack Defense Basecoat (optional) : Sto BTS Plus
14 Primer: StoPrime® Hot
15 Finish: Stolit Lotusan 1.0
StoPowerwall® ci – Outbound

StoPowerwall® ci – Outbound

Series: 63.xx

This stucco assembly incorporates a fluid applied air/moisture barrier, continuous insulation, code compliant paper or felt water-resistive barrier (WRB), drainage mat, code compliant metal plaster base and portland cement stucco, and Sto primers and finishes. The assembly complies with IBC and IRC building code requirements for use on on all Types (I-V) of construction. It has been tested in accordance with NFPA 285 and meets criteria for use on noncombustible construction (Types I-IV). It has also been evaluated in accordance with ASTM E 119 as a one hour non load bearing fire resistive rated wall assembly.

Life Cycle Assessment Summary – 0110 BSc
File Ref.# 0110 BSc
Alkaline Substrates And Polymeric Finishes – 1202 CF
File Ref.# 1202 CF
All Sands Are Not Created Equal – 0603 S
File Ref.# 0603 S
Critical Detail Checklist for Wall Assemblies – 0403 BSc
File Ref.# 0403 BSc
Moisture Control Principles of Wall Assemblies – 0603 BSc
File Ref.# 0603 BSc
Sto Cladding Systems Compatibility w Huber Zip Systems – 1110 BSc
File Ref.# 1110 BSc
Stucco Wind Load Resistance of Assemblies (ESR-2323) – 0906 S
File Ref.# 0906 S
Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard
File Ref.# 0518 BSc
Sto Powerwall – S883
File Ref.# S 883
Sell Sheet – Sto DrainScreen
File Ref.# Sell Sheet - Sto Drainscreen
Sell Sheet – Sto Crack Defense
File Ref.# Sell Sheet - Sto Crack Defense
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