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Kawneer Windows

Kawneer Windows

Kawneer and Sto Panel Technology® have partnered to develop a fully integrated, prefabricated exterior wall and window system. This complete envelope solution has been fully tested to ASTM standards to deliver proven performance while simplifying window installation. Pre-installed window receptors and perimeter sealants provide controlled and consistent installation, reducing on-site labor and installation time.


System Bulletin


      Code & Test Reports

        System information:

        1 Structural Wall Assembly
        2 Air & Moisture Barrier - Wall Membrane: Sto AirSeal
        3 Air & Moisture Barrier - Sheathing Joints & Corners: Sto RapidGuard™
        4 Air & Moisture Barrier - Rough Opening Protection: Sto RapidGuard™
        5 Air & Moisture Barrier - Flashing and Penetration: Sto RapidGuard™
        6 Air & Moisture Barrier - Dynamic Joints and Seams: StoGuard Transition Membrane
        Bulletin PDF
        8 Sub-construction: StoVentro Subconstruction
        Bulletin PDF
        9 Carrier Board: StoVentec® Carrier Board A+
        Bulletin PDF
        10 Primer: StoPrime
        11 Base Coat: Sto Primer/Adhesive
        12 Reinforcing Mesh: Sto 6 oz. Mesh
        13 Masonry Veneer Adhesive: StoColl KM
        14 Masonry Veneer Grout (by others)
        15 Masonry Veneer (by others)
        StoVentec for masonry veneer facades

        StoVentec for masonry veneer facades


        Quick Reference Guide on Selection of AMVs in Ext Wall Construction
        File Ref.# 0821-M
        StoVentec® for masonry veneer facades
        File Ref.#
        StoVentec for mvf Case Study Video
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