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Rough Opening Protection

The StoGuard® System includes rough open protection optimized for a variety of conditions and trades. Proper protection of rough openings joints is critical for minimizing the risk of moisture intrusion and unwanted air movement.

Sto RapidGuard™
StoGuard® Tape
StoGuard® RediCorner™

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Sto RapidGuard™

Sto RapidGuard ™ is a single-component, multi-use air barrier and waterproof material used to seal rough openings, sheathing joints, seams, cracks, and transitions in above grade wall construction. Its fast-drying, flexible coverage makes it easy to provide high-quality air and moisture protection across multiple applications.

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PERMEABILITY: Vapor Permeable
SUBSTRATE TYPE: CMU, Concrete, Brick Masonry, Gypsum Sheathing, Wood, Galvanized metal and Cement based Sheathings.
TYPE OF APPLICATION: Apply with a caulking gun.

StoGuard® Tape

StoGuard® Tape is a self-adhering air and moisture barrier material composed of spun bond polyester fabric laminated to rubberized asphalt adhesive. The polyester fabric strengthens the material while providing a surface to which most coatings will bond. Available in 6- and 9- inch widths.

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SUBSTRATE TYPE: Smooth surfaces, including primed Concrete, CMU, Glass-Mat Gypsum Sheathing, Exterior Plywood, OSB, Cement Board, Asphalt saturated Felt and most House Wraps.
TYPE OF APPLICATION: Apply on rough openings to provide protection.

StoGuard® RediCorner™

StoGuard® RediCorner™ is a preformed fabric piece used in the corners of the rough openings for quicker installation. Used with either Sto Gold Coat® or StoGuard® VaporSeal™.

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SUBSTRATE TYPE: Suitable for application of Sto Gold Coat® or StoGuard® VaporSeal.
TYPE OF APPLICATION: Placed on the inside and outside corners of rough openings.
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