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What is Architectural Paint? A Breakdown of Performance and Options

Architectural paints include interior and exterior paints, primers, sealers, varnishes, and stains. These products are applied onsite to residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings and are typically sold in five-gallon containers. Architecture paint does not include industrial maintenance (IM) coatings,…

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How will COVID-19 affect multifamily design?

With major shifts in work and lifestyles forced upon us by the pandemic, those living in condominiums or apartment buildings are viewing their living environments through a different lens. Designers and operators of multifamily buildings must now consider what this building typology may look like in the future.
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What’s next for school design?

COVID-19 is creating a massive ripple in how students learn, and community engagement is becoming increasingly important when considering the needs of educational buildings. What does this mean for school design moving forward?
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