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Minimize Construction Risks with Prefab

Minimizing construction risks with prefab construction can help builders stay on time and budget by limiting workday losses and job site injuries that are associated more often with more dangerous building methods, like wood-frame construction. Quick and simple-to-install Sto Panel®…

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What is industrialized construction?

In efforts to ramp up efficiency, reduce waste, and address skilled labor shortages, industrialized construction may be the answer. This approach shifts on-site work away from the jobsite where building components are produced in a factory off-site and shipped to the jobsite.
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The design-bid-build process versus the design-build process

The design-bid-build process (DBB) is a traditional practice used in the United States, where the owner of the project has separate contracts with a designer and contractors for the construction of a project. Alternatively, the design-build process is where the design and construction services are all managed through a single contractor.
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Reducing embodied carbon in building materials

Reducing the operational carbon output of buildings has long been an important topic of discussion, but drilling down even further, the architecture, engineering and construction industries are now turning an eye to embodied carbon. Embodied carbon of building materials refers the amount of carbon that is emitted to produce and transport building materials before they hit the jobsite.
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