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Building Enclosure Systems in Architecture

Building enclosure systems include below-grade and above-grade portions of a structure that physically separates the interior from the exterior environment. The components of a building enclosure system include the: Base floor systems Foundation wall systems Above-grade wall systems Doors and…

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30 High Performance Cladding Systems

A high-performance cladding system deflects, drains, and evaporates moisture on the outside and inside of the wall system and protects a building envelope from rain, snow, and other outside elements. The design of the cladding system must ensure durability, sustainability,…

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6 Advantages of Engineered Masonry Veneer Systems

A complete masonry veneer wall system with tested and code compliant components that effectively work together provides design professionals and builders with many advantages. The benefits of engineered and tested masonry veneer systems compared to specifying individual components include quicker…

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The evolution of the building envelope

The building envelope refers to all of the elements of the outer shell of a building and is what keeps us safe from the elements. Humanity has come a long way from our prehistoric days of structures constructed of boulders, branches and grass to complex building science that has us living in comfort today.
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