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How to Understand and Apply Adaptive Reuse in Architecture

Adaptive reuse architecture (adaptive reuse buildings) offers communities a way to breathe new life into old, abandoned structures by converting them into usable and needed spaces, like low-income housing, community centers, or mixed-use venues. Adaptive reuse architecture projects can cost…

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Building Enclosure Systems in Architecture

Building enclosure systems include below-grade and above-grade portions of a structure that physically separates the interior from the exterior environment. The components of a building enclosure system include the: Base floor systems Foundation wall systems Above-grade wall systems Doors and…

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EIFS Architecture: Everything You Should Know

To ensure a building project's long- and short-term success, today's architects must balance aesthetics, economics, function, building science, and sustainability in designing new buildings. The growing demand for sustainable construction, like that achieved with EIFS architecture, has increased the profitability…

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