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Achieving Moisture Control in Buildings

Moisture control in buildings should strive to control moisture and air leaks through the building envelope. However, in the event of moisture intrusion, the system must allow the water to evaporate in order to keep the area dry and mold-free.…

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How to Achieve Airtightness in Buildings

Airtight buildings lessen energy consumption, save money, help protect the environment, and improve indoor environmental quality (IEQ). Achieving building air tightness requires commercial architects, contractors, and developers to incorporate innovative technologies and materials, like StoTherm® ci® continuous insulation (CI) wall…

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Fluid/Liquid-Applied Air & Moisture Barriers

A quality air and vapor barrier membrane helps create an efficient exterior wall system by preventing air, and any accompanying moisture, from infiltrating the structure's interior. Air vapor barriers come in two forms with various applications: fluid and sheet-applied air…

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