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Elevate the Experience that Your Property Delivers

Buildings now serve as more than just a functional place. They are an emotional experience to all visitors. Whether it is the exterior aesthetics or the interior comfort level, Sto helps you enhance these experiences. We offer an endless variety of surface finishes and cladding materials in concert with fully engineered wall systems that are sustainable, durable and easy to maintain.


Our goal is to give you unmatched creative freedom, the ability to establish the design aesthetic that best illustrates and illuminates your creative vision.

For us, the process begins with the visuals and ideas that inspire you. You pick the aesthetic — the character, color and form for your building — and we’ll provide the products that realize your design vision. We can turn your creative inspiration into a beautiful, sustainable, fully engineered cladding system.

The promise? Total design freedom in color and texture, finish and material options, in high-performance cladding systems. The key to unlocking your project’s full potential is the idea that anything is possible.


Throughout Sto’s history, we have set a precedent for innovation that advances wall system technologies. We invest heavily in research & development worldwide resulting in numerous patented products and processes that are unmatched in their performance.


Durability and occupant well-being are built into everything we do. Our fully engineered wall systems, incorporating all control layers, enhances energy efficiency, sustainability, durability, and occupant comfort. We offer a wide range of systems to fulfill requirements for any building type – enhancing performance, minimizing liability and reducing total lifecycle costs.


Our products are all backed by industry-leading design, technical, installation and maintenance expertise, but its our people that sets us apart in the industry. Sto’s employees are advocates for technical mastery in pursuit of a sustainable and beautiful built environment.

Whatever your role, Sto understands your unique needs, and delivers the smart, innovative materials and solutions that make your job easier.

Wherever your inspiration leads, we’ll be there.

Whatever your inspiration, your aesthetic, or your color palette, you can achieve it with Sto. It could be stone or tile, glass, brick or wood. Virtually any aesthetic you can imagine is possible.

State-of-the-art finishing systems that invite you to experience unlimited aesthetic possibilities:

  • Sto Intelligent Technology + Design(iQ Technology) interweaves innovation with design to offer high performance coatings with unique attributes based on biomimicry principles that enhance aesthetics and improve occupant comfort. Sto offers three high performance coatings that employ iQ Technology: StoColor® Dryonic®, StoColor® Lotusan® and StoColor® Climasan®. The functionality behind each of these coatings is inspired by nature and designed to address the true needs of a building, not just the standards.
  • StoSignature.  StoSignature makes it easier than ever to create a signature look the world has never seen before. StoSignature is a virtually endless blend of color, texture, profiles, and effects utilizing Sto products that create customizable finished surfaces that can be applied to any Sto wall system.
  • Sto Specialty Finishes. Sto Specialty Finishes move beyond the look of traditional finishes to deliver new opportunities for creativity. Our finishes are lightweight and easier to install than traditional cladding materials, which means reduced structural requirements, fewer specialty trades and greater cost savings. Sto Specialty Finishes allow for the aesthetic you want coupled with the cost savings and performance you need.
  • StoVentec Glass and Render StoVentec Rainscreen systems: A complete, tested high-performance Rainscreen® wall system from a single manufacturer with and endless array of finish options. From gorgeous and glossy back-painted glass panels in your choice of 63 standard colors (or custom full-color HD printing) to seamless, flexible render panels allowing for unlimited shapes, textures, patterns, and colors, StoVentec systems are a designer’s dream.
  • StoPanel Technology. StoPanel Technology opens the door to use almost any surface material including brick, fiber cement, metal or finish. Our partnerships with Dri-Design and Swiss Pearl enhance our ability to deliver these high-quality cladding materials, in a pre-fabricated system that saves you time in the construction schedule.
  • The A.R.T. of Restore™. Aesthetics. Repair. Transformation. Sto offers the most comprehensive solutions on the market for the restoration of building facades.

No matter what cladding material you choose: wood, brick, metal, stone, fiber cement, glass or finish, we’ll deliver them with one of our high-performance, fully engineered Sto wall systems.

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