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Brand Commitment

The cornerstones of Sto -

At Sto, these cornerstones guide us in helping building owners, contractors and design professionals create smarter buildings. Every day, we strive to find the right solution for you by providing personalized service and support. You can trust that Sto will work with you as a partner to provide the best building solution for you.


Eye-Catching Aesthetics

A wide range of unique surface aesthetic options enables our wall systems to be visually pleasing and improve curb appeal.

Thermal Performance

With more than 30 years of experience and practical application of insulated wall systems, our products meet or exceed energy code requirements and achieve optimal thermal insulation.

Air & Weather Performance

A fluid-applied air and moisture barrier, which helps seal the building envelope, is a key component in all our high-performance wall systems.

Fire Safety Compliance

We invest heavily in full-scale fire tests to ensure that our wall systems have passed extensive testing and will perform well in a fire event.

Sustainable Design

Our superior air and weather tightness and thermal performance make our wall systems environmentally sustainable: reducing the energy usage and carbon footprint of buildings. > Read more


A comprehensive collection of system and product warranties.  Up to 15 year system warranties provide added confidence in the long-term performance and quality of Sto.


We find the right solutions for our customers. Our experienced associates are determined to assist you in finding the right options for each project. We take multiple factors into account in order to help you create the most efficient and aesthetically appealing buildings.

And we are eager to share our extensive knowledge and support with you. Our Sto Technical Help Desk lets you ask specific questions you need help with. After you input a question, one of our experts will answer within two business days.


We are always there for our customers, providing personalized support and services. Alongside our products, we offer value-added services to help you make the best building decisions. Some of our value-added services include:

  • Plan Reviews
  • Dew Point Analysis
  • Sto Studio – Design and Color Services
  • On-site visits to assist in solving detailing or application issues

Throughout the company’s history, we have set a precedent for product innovation, introducing such industry-altering products like our unique StoColor® Lotusan® coating with self-cleaning properties and StoGuard®, our family of liquid applied Air and Moisture barriers.

To aid the progress of improving wall systems, we invest heavily in Research & Development. We pride ourselves in advancing technologies each year and constantly improving not only our offerings, but the offerings of the building industry as a whole.

The commitment we stand behind.

As we expand and improve as a company, we will continue to uphold our commitment to you in each of our four pillars
—performance, experience, relationships and innovation— to make smart building decisions.
Because at Sto, that’s Building with Conscience.

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